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Products and Services not allowed on HireJungle


HireJungle may remove without notice any content that doesn’t adhere to our guidelines or terms of use.

Any product or service included on the following list is not allowed on HireJungle:



Any and all pornographic products also including magazines, sex toys, CD/DVD, etc, are NOT allowed. Any adult only service including those related to prostitution, escorts and cabarets are NOT allowed on HireJungle.


Prescription Drugs

Any prescription or over the counter drug/medication cannot be listed on HireJungle, including those over the counter.


Replica, copyrighted and trademarked items

Counterfeits, unauthorised replicas of products/accessories, or unauthorised copies of any licensed product or service are not permitted on HireJungle. Unauthorised copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or resold without consent of the owner. Remember that it is illegal to sell unauthorised copies of copyrighted media and hiring such items could mean that you face legal action.


Drugs of any type cannot be listed on HireJungle.

Firearms, weapons and ammunition
Any firearm, weapon or ammunition, even those legally owned and licensed cannot be listed on HireJungle. However, those services related to these products are not prohibited.

Personal information or mailing lists

In line with our privacy policy and data protection schemes, any personal information, email listings, instant messaging services, internet protocols IP or personal accounts details cannot be listed on HireJungle. 

Stolen items

Stolen items cannot be listed on HireJungle. Any suspicious or reported item will be investigated and HireJungle can share user account details with the police if necessary.

Unlocking software

We don’t encourage piracy. Therefore any software that enables the “unlock” of electrical devices, private information or licensed appliances is not allowed to be listed on HireJungle.   


Pyramid Schemes, multi-level marketing or networking schemes

We consider that pyramid, multi-level or networking schemes don’t add value to HireJungle, and therefore they are prohibited.


Please note that your HireJungle's user account may be blocked or deleted if you try to post any of the prohibited products/services listed above.

HireJungle reserves the right to delete any content that is not aligned with our terms and conditions, General posting rules or if we feel it doesn’t add value to HireJungle community.




General posting rules


Posting an ad on HireJungle is FREE!


Please read the posting guidelines below before posting your ad and then you can start earning money straightaway from hiring out your goods or services by Posting an Ad here.


General posting rules and guidelines:



            - Post or reply to ads only if you are over 18 years old

            - Select the most relevant location for your listing

            - Follow our terms of use

            - Choose the most representative category for your listing

            - Enter your real identity and personal/company details

            - Write in English

            - Check for our solutions to promote your ad

            - Share your ad on social networks to get more exposure



            - Don’t duplicate ads

            - Don’t insert your contact details in the ad title or description

            - Don’t spam, write relevant content

            - Don’t break the rules. Check our “items not allowed” list and “terms and conditions”

            - Don’t use any discriminatory or offensive content or language.




Every listing you post on HireJungle must satisfy our terms of use and items not allowed guidelines.


We reserve the right to remove any listing that does not fit with our rules, with our without notice. If we remove a listing that you have paid for, we will refund your fees within 15 working days.