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Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro Viewfinder

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Price: £200.00   Deposit
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The Zacuto EVF is a 3.2” high resolution monitor that is used in conjunction with all the Z-Finder models. The EVF is compatible with all cameras that have an HDMI output including the Panasonic AF-100, Sony F3, RED ONE, RED Scarlet and RED Epic. The EVF allows you to operate the DSLR camera or any camera with an HDMI port, with the correct form factor for video with the camera "in-line" to your rod system (the most stable way) and your eye in the Z-Finder offset. This is the way all film cameras and ENG video cameras were operated and we, at Zacuto, believe this should be the way DSLR cameras should be operated. It will enhance the stability, give you better resolution, allow you to get your eye where it most comfortably needs to be, enable low mode shooting, shorten your camera package, have your EVF in the back of a dolly or crane, detached from the rig for car shots and more.
The Z-Finder EVF Pro is a complete EVF with diopter. It includes the EVF Flip model and an optical viewfinder which will snap onto the frame of the monitor and can flip up 180 degrees. The optical viewfinder contains high quality 2.5x optics with anti-fog shields and a diopter. The anti-fog is extremely important for reducing fog. It will also include extender frames. The Z-Finder Extender Frames allow you to further adjust the focal point of the Z-Finder by semi-permanently stacking the frames via a snap fit onto the skirt of the Z-Finder until the LCD screen is in focus for you. 
Please note that the viewfinder has been updated to version 2.00.00. Updates Include:
-1080p support for 24, 25 and 30 frames per second
-Frame Store Feature
-Frame Box appearance to Frame Lines menu
-Overhauled the manual scale interface to a much more user friendly version where customers can create up to 8 unique user presets as opposed to 4 in the previous firmware
-Fixed a unit freeze-up problem within the menu screen
-Fixed Loop-Out Bug where turning power off/on when looped to monitor would stop recording in the camera
-Menu indicator added to show when you have selected an option that can be changed with up or down buttons
-NEXFS100 camera preset fixed to display correctly
-D3100 preset now titled D5100
  • Monochrome
  • Pixel to Pixel (Zoom)
  • Image Flip
  • Chroma
  • Exposure (Zebras)
  • Focus Assist (Peaking)
  • Blue Only
  • Anamorphic
  • Frame Line
  • Scaling
  • Brightness & Contrast Adjustments
  • Audio Meter Indicator (Coming soon in a firmware upgrade)
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • USB Firmware Updatable
  • Assignable Function Buttons (3)
  • Live Menu Preview
  • HDMI Standard Ports (2)


Any length of hire period is available from 1 day to 1 month (longer periods are available on request). You can choose any piece of equipment you require (or indeed a combination of multiple pieces), the only stipulation being that our minimum hire charge (including VAT) is £30.
You are more than welcome to take the equipment wherever you so wish, including outisde UK. Just please ensure that you have adequate cover for doing so.
For those located in London and some parts of the South East, we are also able to arrange same day delivery. Please do contact us if you require more details on whether we can deliver to you.

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