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Kessler elektraDRIVE Bundle Package with Oracle Controller

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Our kit includes the elektraDRIVE 500 Series Motor which is the torquiest motor and most suitable for very slow Time Lapse.
The ORACLE Control System is the core of Kessler's elektraDRIVE line of products. Almost two years in development, they set out to make the ultimate multi-function controller for their line of electronic products.
The ORACLE Control System is interchangeable between multiple products, like the REVOLUTION Pan / Tilt System, elektraDRIVE motor pods for the CineSlider & Pocket Dolly (we stock the Philip Bloom Pocket Dollys), and other products to be released in the future.
Supported Features & Specifications:
  • Backlit LCD display with menu and setting values.
  • Fully adjustable controls for Max Speed, Dampening, & Dead Band.
  • Movement Recording / Memory Function with three memory banks. - Battery meter for ORACLE battery
  • SmartLapse WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Timelapse mode
  • Assignable Premium Multi-Function Joystick controls
  • Built-in intervalometer with stand alone, continuous motion, shoot-move-shoot, & stop motion modes (requires Camera Control Module accessory).
  • Intervalometer capable of 0.25 sec exposure time for fast shutter (if camera can support the frame rate)
  • 2nd axis control while in "Slider" Mode. Control slide and one axis of Revolution Head or Turntable with one ORACLE controller.
  • NOTE:You can use the TILT and SLIDER function independently with the same controller. You will need the Crossover Cable & Coupler to access the PAN function while using the slider.
Cabling is CAT5 / CAT6 cable with RJ45 connectors (standard network cable). NO EXPENSIVE PROPRIETARY CABLES!!  Powered by standard AC power supply with wall plug, or optional 12v DC adapter and battery pack.
Any length of hire period is available from 1 day to 1 month (longer periods are available on request). You can choose any piece of equipment you require (or indeed a combination of multiple pieces), the only stipulation being that our minimum hire charge (including VAT) is £30.
You are more than welcome to take the equipment wherever you so wish, including outisde UK. Just please ensure that you have adequate cover for doing so.
For those located in London and some parts of the South East, we are also able to arrange same day delivery. Please do contact us if you require more details on whether we can deliver to you.

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