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Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider 0.5m

Price: £71.67   Per Week

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Price: £113.00   Deposit
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**Also avaiable in 0.75m**
The Hybrid slider system runs on high precision extruded industrial grade rail, that is made of hard anodized aluminium. The rail is of a heavier duty extrusion, which makes the Hybrid perfect for mid to large size rigs, that may include external monitors, matte boxes or support systems.
In addition to the traditional drylin self lubricating liners, the new carriage now runs on four self lubricating, dry running roller bearings. As a result, The Glidetrack Hybrid Carriage requires 4-5 times less force to move than the traditional Drylin liners. Typical roller bearing systems (as featured in competing products) use grease filled noisy metal bearings. These style of bearings are very prone to being affected by dust, dirt, grit lint and moisture, which can significantly affect their performance, and limit the number of environments that they can reliably be used in. Should they become contaminated, dis-assembling/cleaning and re-adjusting them is no easy task.
By comparison, the Glidetrack Hybrid Slider has an open architecture design, that uses individual, greaseless self lubricating plastic bearings and liners, that can quickly and easily be swapped out if required. It is easy to ensure optimal performance as you can literally take the carriage apart, flush it under the tap or blow it down, and you are ready to shoot again. Even within each bearing, individual components can easily be replaced without the need for specialist tools, or return to the manufacturer.
Adjustable high grip, non marking rubber feet come as standard with your Hybrid Slider, as does a locking carraige. The feet have been specifically designed so you can quickly compensate for uneven ground when shooting. They allow the Glidetrack Hybrid to be used horizontally, vertically, at inclines and even upside down! So....within one ultra light, compact and portable unit, you have a massive arsenal of killer shots at your disposal.
The simplicity and versatility these features offer will be a HUGE advantage when working in event scenarios.
The new Glidetrack Hybrid slider system, developed exclusively in conjunction with Igus (r), has been designed to offer an evolution of the traditional plain Drylin carriage systems.
At the heart of the new Glidetrack Hybrid Slider system, are the new Igus Hybrid bearings. Incorporating the best of both worlds, these feature both sliding AND roller bearings. These offer you all the advantages of both types of bearings without any of the disadvantages
Any length of hire period is available from 1 day to 1 month (longer periods are available on request). You can choose any piece of equipment you require (or indeed a combination of multiple pieces), the only stipulation being that our minimum hire charge (including VAT) is £30.
You are more than welcome to take the equipment wherever you so wish, including outisde UK. Just please ensure that you have adequate cover for doing so.
For those located in London and some parts of the South East, we are also able to arrange same day delivery. Please do contact us if you require more details on whether we can deliver to you.

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