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Surprise and tantalise your guests with The Suprise Sopranos! The act consists of a singing Chef, Maitre D, Waitress or guest. You have the option of the act with 2 singers, or 3 singers. The act consists of the singing chef and maitre d, performing thier assumed functions as yuou would expect. After a while the maitre d, announces its the chefs last day with the catering company and introduces the chef, who then decides to forfill a dream and burts into song, the maitre d, then decides the only way to make up for the chefs outburst, is to burst into song herself, the Chef then returns and joins in, in signing hits from the musicals. The acts lasts approximatly 30mins and for the 3 man show, we can plant an additional vocalist in amongst your guest, or indeed a waiter or waitress.

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