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Mal Weeraratne is the Founder of Tantric Journey – School of Sexual Healing and Awakening in London. He has treated almost over 3000 clients globally from various spheres and Mal Weeraratne has yet a growing clientele solely through word of mouth. Clients from different walks of life choose Mal Weeraratne’s Tantric massage therapy to elevate themselves from the haunting chains of deeply seated Issues that bounds one to incessant self-deterioration.

Mal Weeraratne taps into the most fragile of issues to clear and cleanse emotional clutter. He takes his stance through confidence and in depth know-how knowledge. Mal Weeraratne has almost two decades of experience and vast research knowledge in Human Sexuality that has made Mal Weeraratne the helm of Tantric knowledge for other practitioners. A frequent called upon personality in the Spiritual and Human Sexual study realm Mal Weeraratne has been able to provide astounding input and revolutionary healing to the unanswerable.

Visit - http://malweeraratne/

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