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The Lemongrass Trading Company came into existence to spread the Lemongrass gospel – because Lemongrass has such amazing properties. It refreshes and purifies, it actively deters insects, it is deodorant, it is anti-bacterial, it smells quite wonderful, and it is 100% NATURAL.

We make products using pure Lemongrass with NO added chemicals, for Home, Car and Workspace : there are Lemongrass Room & Car Fresheners, Soap, and effective Natural Anti-Moth products, with emphasis on cool design and the freshest smell in the world.

Our NEWEST, cutest products are four natural ANTI-BUG MINI SPRAYS to help along the summer and keep those BUGS away! Red is ANTI-MOZZIE, yellow ANTI-WASP, blue is ANTI-MIDGE and pale green ANTI-MOTH, these 50ml sprays are designed to fit into a handbag, and are accepted as hand baggage at all Airports.

It was by chance that we first came across Lemongrass Essential Oil, in Ootacamund, a renowned Hill Station of South India. In the days of the Raj the Governor of Madras and his entire entourage would shift up to 'Snooty Ooty' to escape the summer heat. Here, in the famous Rose Garden, where over 3000 varieties of roses are grown, we found a temporary stall run by a local Farmers' Cooperative, selling their home grown, harvested and distilled Herbal Oils. We bought our first small bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil, and were enchanted by its fragrance. It was fresh, citrus-y, delicious – and to us completely NEW.


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