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Back to Broadway brings together a unique and powerful blend of harmonies from experienced professional performers led by Gina Price Beyond the Barricade international tour; Gavin James Burke Joseph in Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat UK tour; and artists from English and Welsh National Opera Companies.

The 90 minute theatre show, with five performers, is a fast moving mix of colour, special effects, and authentic costumes painting many unforgettable pictures from some of the best loved musicals old and new.

Back to Broadway has an extensive repertoire from pop to opera, theatre to intimate hotels, soloist to group of five.


Back to Broadway also offer a dedicated wedding package:


- While Bride & Groom sign the register Gina Price & Gavin James Burke sing the Celine Dion/Andrea Bocelli version of “The Prayer”.

- As the Bride & Groom leave the church, three singers posing as guests, are joined by Gina & Gavin to stand and sing “All You Need Is Love!”

- Evening Cabaret: 45 minute set of songs as requested by the Bride & Groom

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