What To Do In Your Garden This Weekend


Are you wondering what you can do in your garden this weekend? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with an itinerary of different activities. Here are just a few things to add to your to-do list on Saturday morning.

Bulb Planting

If you haven’t started laying down bulbs in your garden, now is the time to do so. You can have flourishing flowers, ready for Christmas (Hyacinth) or spring (Daffodils, Snowdrops, Bluebells). Bring a little colour to your garden, after some of the barest winter days. It’s nice to start planting things now, in anticipation for fresh blooms later.

Look After Your Hanging Baskets

Although some hanging baskets start to decline now, others will last until the first frost, as long as you keep feeding, watering, and dead-heading them. Keep your blooms going until the weather really takes a turn for the worst. You may be surprised at how long they keep, as long as you give them a little TLC.

Tree Planning

Trees that are planted now, while the weather is wet, but the ground is still warm, will do well when they sprout up the following year. Get them established now, before the frosts come along, and give them a good start.

Keep Deadheading Your Roses

Keep deadheading your roses, to encourage further flowering, before the winter cut back. If you have any climbing roses, prune them, unless they are repeat-flowering. Many roses will last it out during colder weather.

Keep Harvesting Your Crops

Now is a great time to keep harvesting your vegetable garden. Soon, you’ll be lacking a number of crops, so make the most of yours, and freeze off anything that you’ll want to dip into later – it will still be as fresh as the day that it was picked! You could also try pickling or drying your produce. Experiment with new preservative measures!


To make sure that you have plenty of pumpkins, ready for Halloween, remove any leaves that are covering the fruit. This will help them ripen, ready for October 31st. If you see any pumpkins touching the ground, it’s often worth laying a wooden board or slate underneath them to help prevent rot.

Pimp Up Your Garden

Start to think about composting and collecting water, if you haven’t already. Creating your own compost station and water butt is a great way to enhance your garden, be more environmentally-friendly, and drastically reduce your bills. When you start to have less to do around your garden, it’s a fantastic idea to get these projects underway, especially with the autumn leaves coming (awesome for leaf mulch).

Plan For Next Year

Nope, it’s really not too early to plan next year’s garden. In fact, now is the perfect time to draw up what you’re going to plant and where. This way, you can get everything in the ground at the perfect time, and it will give you an opportunity to ensure that something is always flowering in your beds, and that you have a great supply of veggies throughout the year.

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