What Does Your Paint Colour Say About You? Part 2

Here, we continue our series about what your paint colour says about you and how to choose the perfect colours for your home, as well as how to create gorgeous looks that everyone will love.


  • If you love soft, cool blues, it probably means that you view your lovely house as a little bit of a calm, soothing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world – and that, in turn, might mean that you’re a little bit of an introvert. But that’s no bad thing! Keep in mind though that blues can be very cold, so unless that’s the look you’re going for, try to warm the room up with wooden furniture and hints of orange, brown and yellow to brighten up the place. Some soft furnishings and squishy, strokable fabrics will also help.
  • Colours that literally pop and sparkle, like sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst are so popular for a reason: they’re dynamic. When you paint a small bathroom in a navy blue, for example, it’ll draw the walls in and make the space feel small and cramped. Paint a small bathroom in a sapphire blue and it’ll feel a bit smaller, sure, but it’ll also feel special. Pair them with neutrals or colours that have a similar intensity and the space’ll look fab. Oh, and if you love jewel colours? It probably means you’re a little bit outlandish, and a little bit fabulous!
  • If you’re a big fan of neutrals, like cream, the colour of rocks along a shoreline, the colour of freshly picked mushrooms or the shade of wheat in a field, it doesn’t mean that you’re boring – far from it. More likely, that you’re even-keeled and practical. Neutrals go with everything and the bonus is, you can change things up with your accessories when you get bored. Liven things up with a bright throw cushion or an unusual piece of wall art and then just change it up when you fancy a makeover. Oh, and remember – neutral doesn’t have to mean cream. Neutral can be a pale purple, or a pale pink. You can make a neutral room more interesting even by introducing some different tones and textures – nubby fabrics, chiffons, wools, woven rugs and bamboo baskets. Make sure that there’s a contrast between the walls, the floor and the main furniture in the room – the sofas and the coffee tables, if you’re decorating the lounge – to prevent the space from looking too clinical – and above all, have fun.

Source: Real Simple

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