Transform Your Bathroom from Drab to Fab

One of the best things about going to a hotel is the fancy bathroom, right? Soft, fluffy towels, a high-powered shower and flattering light combine to create a spa-like experience that instantly makes you feel like you’re being pampered. Transform your drab bathroom into a fabulous space by following these top tips – and if you need some help? Hire a plumber today.


  • Add a mirror on tracks. Mirrors are the easiest way to add interest and glamour to a bathroom, as they bounce around all of the light that comes into the room – especially if there is a light of white or cream in the bathroom. The glossier the tile, the better, really. Putting a mirror on tracks instead of hanging two up means that you’ll be able to move it around as needed.
  • Reconsider your lighting. In most bathrooms, the only lighting that you have is either overhead or around the mirror. To create a cosier feel, use angled lamps for task lighting and consider adding additional lighting points.
  • Wet room. If you can afford to renovate your bathroom, one of the simplest ways to turn it into a fabulous spa-inspired space is by creating a wet room. Have a drain in the bottom of the floor along with a shower head hanging from the ceiling and a free-standing bath. Emphasise the feeling of space by popping a glass divide between the two. Using heavy oak pieces is a great idea if you want to create a space that will stay stylish for years to come – combine the oak with plenty of white ceramics.
  • Full length mirrors. If your room is particularly small, adding mirrors everywhere that you can is the easiest way to make the bathroom feel bigger. If you don’t think you have room, pop a full length mirror on the bath of the door. Easy peasy! If you use the back of the door to hang dressing gowns, just remove the hooks, then place single hooks either side of the mirror or on the wall instead.
  • Faux finishes. Leather, suede and wood are all luxe finishes that instantly make a room feel more opulent, but they’re often really difficult to work into a bathroom for feat of water damage. That’s why faux finishes are your friend – look for sturdy linos for the floor, ready-tiled bathroom tiles (large tiles with groups of smaller tiles within, which makes tiling a breeze) and even laminate wooden panelling for a vintage look. Whether you use faux finishes or “real” finishes, open windows or turn on the fan once you’re finished in the shower so that everything stays dry.

Source: The Nest

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