Top Tips for Getting the Most From Your Small Garden

Teeny tiny gardens don’t have to be small, impenetrable spaces that are useless for entertaining. With a little bit of clever planning, some creative planting and the use of height as well as colour, a garden with even the smallest possible amount of square footage can be transformed into a haven of tranquility. For extra help, take a look at our gardening and landscaping tools, or call in a professional.



  • Add height. Use the walls, fences and the side of the garage to add interest to the sides of the garden, rather than to the floor. You can use plant frames to grow climbing flowers, potted trees and ornamental grasses to cover up ugly brickwork or flaky paint and decorative hanging baskets with long-trailing plants to pretty up doors and windows. Think of the sides of your house and the walls as a canvas – how can you paint it?
  • Create hidden areas or use dividers, like a decorative arch or hedgerows to divide p the space. Because you can’t see everything in the garden all at once, it’ll make the overall space feel larger.
  • When using paving or decking, don’t lay the flat edges so that they sit flush with the edge of the door. Instead, lay them on a diagonal to give the illusion of a larger space.
  • Cool colours and sandy hues are generally your best bet for a smaller garden, as they recede your vision which makes the garden feel much larger. Steer clear of things bold, warm colours like red and orange as they are often used to make the space feel more intimate, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Another alternative is to embrace the size of the garden by using tall, canopy trees with large leaves. They’ll help to shelter the garden from high winds and will create a “snug” effect.
  • Another way to make the garden feel more homely – and more like another room in the house – is to use sound and movement within the garden (in the same way that you use lamps and the TV indoors). For example, use solar powered path lights, a fire pit, garden heaters and things like water features and accessories such as tealight holders and weatherproof cushions will really jazz up any space. Water features can fit into even the smallest of spaces, and they’ll add a calming, tranquil feel.
  • Attract wildlife to your garden so that it doesn’t feel isolated – plant pretty and fragrant flowers, herbs, and set up bird-feeding stations and bug hotels to attract birds and helpful garden bugs.

Source: David Demoney

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