Top Five Ways to Save Time around the House


You can never have too much time, especially when you have things like the chores to do. There is the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the washing up… the list goes on and on, unfortunately for all of us.

The minutes become hours and they slip away suddenly, so you have to try and claw as many back for yourself as you can. Here are some methods to help you save time around the home so you can spend more time on yourself.

#1 – Plan Meals

You can save yourself ages and ages, both in the supermarket and in the kitchen, by planning out your meals for the week ahead before you head out to do the shopping.

You can also save even more time by prepping that food in advance as well, by spending time at the weekend cooking up batches or chopping and freezing. This will save you precious time through the week as you’ll be making dinner in no time.

#2 – Divide and Conquer

Stay on top of the chores by splitting them up between yourself and your partner or housemate. Use a timetable or a calendar app on smartphones to help divide up the chores between you and allow you to see who is meant to do what and when.

Some apps will even send you reminders – a bit like an alarm clock – so that you’ll never forget what you have to do!

#3 – Stick to a Schedule

For some things, it can be worth setting aside a particular day of the week to do them. We would suggest that you try and stick as many chores as possible on a Saturday or a Sunday; that way you can get them out of the way for the week.

Do your laundry every two or three days, depending on how much washing you create, as this will help you to keep on top of it and stop larger build-ups. Try and do the washing up as you cook, as this will stop the dishes piling up into off-putting heaps!

#4 – Pay Bills with Direct Debit

If you’re not already doing this, what are you waiting for? Set up all of your bills so that you pay them automatically, preferably at the same time each month so that you know how much you have left over to play with.

This will save you plenty of time doing something incredibly simple but also rather pointless.

#5 – Cut Down on the Procrastination

This is easier said than done, sure, but it is worth giving a shot. Obviously, you want to spend some time each day messing about on your smartphone or browsing the internet on your laptop or something, but it is so easy to lose hours without realising it.

So why not set yourself a time limit each time? This way, you get to enjoy yourself without wasting too much time.

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