DIY Tips: How to Make Your Home More Grown-Up

We all have one or two items in our homes that don’t reflect who we are now. Maybe we’ve hung onto them for nostalgic reasons or simply because we’ve gotten so used to them that we’ve almost forgotten they were there. If you’re longing for a more grown-up space and want your home to feel more luxurious, follow our guide and take a look at this link for painting tools.



  • If you have a futon or a sofa bed in your living room, swap it out and put it into a spare bedroom instead. You’ll spend more time in your living room than in your bedroom (depending on how you spend your evenings…) and so it’s important to show your bum so love with a soft, squishy sofa that you can just sink into. Let your guests enjoy the futon instead.
  • Temporary furniture – things like plasticky shelving units in the bathroom, textile wardrobes or hanging rails in the bedroom, or even your odd collection of furniture from family and friends that you were given because you couldn’t afford anything else, looks just that: temporary. As though you’re waiting for something better to come along. So, if you can afford to, invest in either a new set of furniture or at least some classical pieces that you’ll be able to use in different spaces and different homes.
  • If you’re a lover of art or film and have a selection of posters taped onto your walls, you don’t need to get rid of them completely – just frame them and put them on display properly. For a modern look, you could choose matte black frames but for a slightly quirkier look, use a random selection of vintage frames.
  • It sounds silly, but small rugs just look like postage stamps in rooms of virtually all sizes. A large rug will really anchor the room and will help to accentuate hardwood floors or laminate without overpowering it. Choose a rug with a really nice texture that you can just sink your feet into after a long day at work.
  • Cheap bedding looks just that – cheap. It tends not to wash that well, either, losing any softness it might have once had and becoming scratchy and irritating. Invest in some decent bedding with a higher thread count and you’ll immediately notice the difference in terms of appearance and how well you sleep, too.
  • It’s all well and good having plastic dishware, but you need to make sure that it isn’t your only set. If you live somewhere that’s hot and sunny and you spend a lot of time eating outdoors, you might want to use plastic dishes – the same goes if you have children. But if not, your main dishware set should be crockery.
  • Any empty space that looks a bit bland and boring – like the top of a mantelpiece or a bookshelf with only one or two books on it will simply look like you’ve either neglected the space or that you couldn’t work out what else to do with it. Use candles, candlesticks, photographs, mirrors and accessories to jazz up those empty spaces and make your room look complete.

Source: House Beautiful

DIY Tips: 20 Things No-One Ever Told You About Decorating

Decorating doesn’t sound like it’s difficult – slap a bit of paint on the walls and artfully arrange a few cushions/pillows along with a few candlesticks and paintings and viola, job done. But to get it right, and to get it right in every room of the house – every time – requires a little more skill. Read on to find out about the 20 things no-one ever told you about decorating and take a look at this link for painting and decorating materials.


  • 2 cushions look decidedly unwelcoming and sparse. Use at least two sets, instead, in different colours and textures for a more luxurious and comfortable feel. Same goes for decorative pillows.
  • Small bed + small bedroom = even smaller bedroom. Use a bed with a taller mattress and a big headboard instead.
  • If you have a vintage or antique cabinet or armoire, arrange the contents elegantly and keep the doors open to show off your stash.
  • Dark walls tend to reduce the feeling of space, but if the room has plenty of windows and pale floors, a smaller space can still rock dark hues.
  • An easy peasy way to transform a bedroom with sliding wardrobe doors? Wallpaper ’em. If you’re converting a bedroom into an office, this is a particularly good idea as the wardrobe is quickly turned from a closet into a chic filing cabinet.
  • Large collections of plates or various accessories can be displayed easily by setting up elegant wall brackets – just pop your accessories on top. Make sure you secure them if you have little ones about the house.
  • Using a real rug instead of a bath mat in a bathroom might sound counterproductive, but really, a bathmat is just a bit cheap and it won’t withstand as much wear and tear as a real rug. Just wash it carefully.
  • Stop the press: living rooms do not need to have sofas. Nope. Arrange some lovely cosy chairs and love seats for a different look.
  • A white room will always look chic and it’s a look you can instantly update with a few brightly coloured accessories – be it living room, bathroom or bedroom. You don’t have to use colour.
  • Mix and match styles – a four poster won’t look incongruous in a stripped back modern bedroom, it’ll look fabulous.
  • Layering up your lamps is a fab idea. Have two either side of the bed, and another two just above the headboard for reading. It’ll make the room feel much more ambient.
  • Blankets and throws look messy if you don’t fold ’em up. When not in use, fold carefully and arrange at one end of the sofa. If you’re using throws to cover sofa cushions, make sure they’re well tucked in all the way round rather than just thrown on top. It might be called a “throw” but that doesn’t mean you should just chuck it on.
  • For plenty of versatility, instead of a traditional coffee table, use a fabric ottoman topped with a wooden tray. The ottoman provide perfect storage and the tray can be picked up to carry cups back to the kitchen.
  • To emphasise the feeling of space, choose furniture with legs that are raised off the ground. To make the room feel more grounded, choose skirted pieces.
  • Gold doesn’t have to be showy. A few muted accents here and there will give the room a fabulously luxe feel.
  • If you have a big room but not enough stuff to stuff it with, a potted plant perched in a corner will never go amiss.
  • The very best fabric choice for a dining room is leather – it’s very strong and really easy to clean. Even more so if you want white chairs.
  • In your dining room, use co-ordinating yet different sets of chairs. For example, one high-back bench, one bench and two chairs instead of 8 identical seats.
  • Be kind to your closet. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe, give it some love with lights and colour.
  • You can reinvent vintage pieces. Just because they’re from the 1950s doesn’t mean they should stay that way, plus, not every piece of furniture in the house can be dark brown.

Source: House Beautiful