DIY Tips: How to Make a Dark Room Seem Lighter

Playroom a little dull? Box room feel like a cave? Many of us are stuck with a small, dark room that we don’t know what to do with – simply because it’s so dark. Learn how to make a dark room seem lighter with these nifty tips. Take a look at this link for painting and wall covering supplies to help you get the job done.


  • Choose paint or wallpaper with a metallic or lightly pearlescent finish. It’ll help to bounce light around the room, emphasising what little light you do have, making the room seem lighter. Go for light, neutral colours – if you’re trying to make your room look brighter, painting the walls lighter is key.
  • Alternatively, choose, a bright, light sunny paint or wallpaper. Things like pale lemon yellow are always a great choice as they bring the outside in. Neutral, earthy tones are always a good choice if you don’t want to use white, cream or a pale metallic.
  • Try mirrored furniture. It makes small rooms look appear larger – and it also makes dark rooms appear lighter. Mirrored side tables and chest of drawers will make all the difference.
  • Choose fabrics, furniture and soft furnishings with a slight sheen or metallic finish. The more of these slightly sheeny materials, the better – they’ll bounce light around the room.
  • When you come to choose furniture, look for pieces that are light in colour and tone and introduce colour using one or two paintings, cushions or a brightly coloured bedcover, for example. Introduce as much in the way of light, bright colours into the room that you possibly can and don’t use dark, draining colours, especially on the wall coverings and walls as it’ll literally drain all of the light from the room.
  • If you can, choose light, reflective flooring. Glass tiles are always a good idea for an office or similar room, as they’ll bounce light around. You could also paint wooden floorboards for a cool and quirky look, or, if you’re furnishing a bedroom, opt for a carpet in a luxurious pale wool finish. Again, think about using carpet with a light sheen – it really helps create a feeling of light and space. Light colours add light – dark colours minimise and reduce light and make any space feel darker.
  • Don’t be afraid to use large lights. We often use lamps and spotlights only in small rooms like offices and small bedrooms, but you can really afford to use a little more artificial light. When lighting an intimate office or eating area, why not hang low pendant lights instead of using lamps? You could even install pendant lights over bedside tables instead of using lamps. Put spotlights everywhere you can fit them – under cupboards, in cupboards, about shelving units, in bookcases and in the ceiling, too. They can throw off a surprising amount of light and as a bonus, reflect off of every shiny surface – making your room lighter, brighter and cleaner, too!

Source: 4Homes