Spring Cleaning: Tips to Help You Clean the Home

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Spring is just around the corner, and we all know exactly what that means: it’s time for a good old spring clean! Everyone loves having a nice, tidy house, but – and correct us if we’re wrong here – no one actually enjoys spending all of their free time cleaning up the place.

Well, that’s why we are here today. We have compiled a list of expert tips, all of which will help you to complete those jobs more quickly and efficiently. This will allow you to get your home sparkling clean in no time at all, leaving more time for enjoying your good-as-new home!

Circle Round the Kitchen

When you’re tackling the kitchen, you will want to leave the dirtiest thing until last. And what is the dirtiest thing? Why, the oven, of course! Start on the right side of the oven, and work your way around the room in a clockwise direction.

Doing this will ensure that you don’t end up spreading grease and dirt all around the kitchen, meaning you won’t have to do the same job more than once. Also, soak those pans and things in hot water while you clean; this’ll save you a bit of time.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Now you’re in the bathroom, and you’re looking in dismay at the plug hole – how on earth are you going to get all of that manky hair out of there? Well, it’s easy: you just use a drain cleaner like Liquid Plumr or Drano. Pour it down there to get rid of any nasty clogs.

Also, make life easier for yourself in the future. Prevention is always better than a cure, so start pouring boiling water down the plug once a week. And once you’ve had a shower, pick up those annoying strays with a wad of damp toilet paper. Easy!

You Made Your Bed…

The easiest way of making your bedroom look all neat and tidy is to simply make the bed – you’d be amazed at just how much difference this can make! If you’re tidying the bedroom, make sure you start with this.

And here’s a neat trick you can do every morning to make your bedroom seem neat: if you pull the covers up to your neck after waking up then slide out of bed, half the job is done for you! You say lazy, we say… efficient.

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Many people make the mistake of going and buying a load of containers and bins and other storage solutions before making a start on the big “chuck out” operation. Don’t do this. Before you go and buy anything, start throwing stuff away.

By doing it this way, you force yourself to keep only the things that you really, genuinely want to keep. Once you feel you have chucked away a decent amount (and be honest here, are you really being as ruthless as you should be?), then you can start on the organisation. This will take much less time, and you’ll find yourself with loads more space.

5 Cleaning Myths to Avoid for a Sparkling Home

Not many people enjoy cleaning – getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing drops of tea off of the kitchen floor isn’t a particularly fun way to while away an afternoon. It might not be particularly enjoyable, but it’s just something that has to be done so that your home looks presentable. Right? Well, there are a few cleaning myths that could actually be making your home less than spick and span, or that are just plain useless. Learn what they are and how to avoid them by reading below – or, you could hire a cleaner to help you out instead.



Bleach is the Best

Some people love bleach. After all, it makes everything white, and kills every conceivable germ. Well, no, not really. Bleach is good at disinfecting stuff, which is why we put it down loos, in the kitchen sink and anywhere else that nasty germies lie in wait. But it doesn’t really clean that well – as in, it can’t really lift grime. It’ll bleach it, but it won’t get rid. Instead, use regular cleaners or bleach-containing cleaners to lift grime and dirt, then bleach (if appropriate) to disinfect.

Vinegar Can Be Used to Clean Anything

White vinegar is a fab deodorizer and can clean lots of things, making mirrors shine and glass sparkle. But although it works well on a lot of surfaces, such as plastic, glass or ceramic, on others, it’s not so good. Keep vinegar away from your granite worktops and wooden floors/furniture, as it could cause quite a bit of damage.

Newspaper Makes Windows Super Shiny

Newspaper is a great alternative to paper towelling for cleaning windows – it doesn’t leave behind any fluff or lint, which means that they stay shiny and crystal clear. In principle, that’s entirely true and depending on the cleaning products you use, and how much they dilute the ink in the paper, newspaper might work a treat. But if the cleaning products dilute the ink, it’ll end up smearing all over your windows – and then you’ll have to use paper towels to clean. Test the cleaning product on the paper before you go to town on the windows.

Soft Furnishings Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Your mum or nan or cleaning-mad best pal might have told you that all soft furnishings, like your sofa or mattress, that you can’t chuck in the washing machine, should be professionally cleaned. Although a professional clean will result in a lovely finish, it’ll also put you out of pocket. Don’t use soap and water on your furniture as you have no way of knowing how it’ll affect the colours and the fabric. Instead, try steam cleaning.

You Need Furniture Polish to Clean Wood

Nope. Furniture polish contains oils, and these oils attract dust and voila – you have to clean more often. Dust frequently with lint-free cloths and if you spill something on wood, use a wood-specific cleaner, not polish, to get rid of it. Use polish every now and then simply to polish, but don’t use it to clean.

Source: The Nest