10 Things to Buy Now and Keep Forever

Interior design is a fickle friend. Trends change with each season and what was perfect for summer becomes too bright and bold for the more subdued winter months. Stripes are in, and then they’re not. Metallic furniture is in, and then it’s not. Patchwork sofas are in, and then, you’ve guessed it, they’re not. So how do you decorate your home without buying into fads and trends? Well, we’ve got 10 things that you can buy now and keep forever. They’ll be with you whatever the colour on the walls and wherever you go, quietly making your home feel homely. Click here to hire cars and vans to pick up your new furniture, or take a look at this link for painting and decorating materials if you want a fresh start.


  • An amazing dining table. Don’t choose something too modern – all glass and chrome – instead, look for a wooden set with sleek lines and chairs with tall backs. If you can get away with it, go for a circular table as you can always squeeze one more person in.
  • Instead of staid armchairs, invest in the modern version, with clean lines, thin legs and a soft-to-the-touch fabric. They’ll last for years.
  • Original artwork. Either paint it yourself, get someone to do it for you, or buy from a local gallery. You might just discover the next big name in the art world – and if not, you’re still supporting the local community.
  • A decent set of kitchen knives. Those brightly coloured sets are all well and good, but they tend not to be particularly sharp. Buy chef’s knives, or even just one or two, and they will quite literally last a lifetime.
  • Plain yet elegant dishware. When you move into your first home, you’ll likely have pots and plates from at least four different sets. Match everything up by buying a set of plain yet elegant dishware – perhaps a rounded square shape with either no pattern or very minimal pattern. Better yet, invest in chip-free and scratch-resistant crocks so that you don’t end up ruining them in the washing-up bowl.
  • A super-strength blender. Handy for grinding spices, coffee and nuts, making smoothies, perfecting custards, making delicious meringues, blending soup and making smoothies, a super-strength blender is a must for all kitchen work-tops.
  • A decent rug. If you have wooden floors and want something that will warm the place up a little bit, invest in a well-made rug. If you like the style, choose a tapestry-style rug – the bonus is, they actually look better the more they’re used.
  • A really good, heavy cooking pot made from ceramic, rather than metal. Again, invest now and you’ll never have to buy another one. Perfect for the most melt-in-your-mouth stews and roasts.
  • A modern headboard. Look for something fairly tall, with clean lines but soft padding so that it’s comfy, too.
  • Anglepoise lamps are the classic, and they’re so popular for a reason: they’re really elegant and incredibly functional for task lighting. As a modern update, look for anglepoise-style floor lamps.

Source: The Nest

Reviews: Hewden

Hewden has been providing plant hire since 1961 and since then, has grown into one of the largest plant hire companies in the countries. With a huge fleet of goods, accomodation for your hires, training services and a number of health and safety guides, they’re quite literally the one-stop shop for all of your machinery and tool needs, whether you’re a sole trader or a limited company.



Making a Hire

Making a hire is fairly simple. Hewden have locations up and down the United Kingdom and can reach a whopping 96% of their customers within 2 hours. Depots are often open from 7.30am and many are also open on public holidays, so you can get the equipment you need whenever you need it. Maximum delivery costs are £75, and all you need to do is order the equipment the day before you need it and they’ll deliver it on-site the following day. If you need a specific delivery slot, they can cater to that, too. Make the hire online by filling out their enquiry form or give your local depot centre a call to see what they have in stock.


Hewden has a huge core fleet of machinery and tools, mostly large plant equipment. They also provide things like access equipment such as cherry pickers, cranes, power equipment including generators, lighting rigs, electrical equipment and accomodation for equipment, including eco-friendly accomodation, anti-vandal accomodation and high-security accomodation.


Hewden also provides an extensive range of training courses, including IPAF training for the effective and safe use of platform equipment, PASMA  training so staff can learn how to assemble, disassemble and safely use platforms, crane training for the safe use of cranes and plant training, to provide staff with a license to operate plant machinery. They also offer further training in a number of different fields as well as bespoke training that can be delivered at your site, place of work or at any location that you prefer.


Hewden also offers a number of accounts, depending on your business. They have accounts for sole traders, registered companies and more. Having an account offers a number of benefits, including the ability to spread payments.

Hewden also has a number of stringent health and safety standards. Their equipment is also safety tested and adheres to all current health and safety regulations. They also have a number of policies in place to ensure that their equipment is used and handled safely, as well plenty of certifications from different agencies. If you’re looking for safe, reliable equipment at a reasonable cost, Hewden is definitely the agency to choose.

Reviews: A-Plant

A-Plant are one of the country’s leading hire companies – with over 100 depot centres up and down the UK and 1,800 employees, there’s always someone to help, whether you’re looking to hire equipment, train your staff, insure your machinery, secure your tools or keep them cool. With a vast range of equipment, services, tools and machinery, A-Plant started hiring plant equipment out in 1947 – so you know you’re in safe hands.




Not only do A-Plant provide some of the most innovative tools, products and machinery on the market, but they also provide training services, too. They provide a lot of Health &  Safety training due to the ever-changing legislation in this area, but they also work with clients across a number of sectors, including medical, manufacturing, construction, health, processing and much more. With training centres in major cities across the UK as well as a Customer Training Centre, they can also deliver training at your site, too, so that you can choose the training solution that best suits your employees.

Making a Hire

Making a hire is fairly simple. Go to The Hire Shop, scroll through the categories available – everything from Air Compressors to Woodworking Tools, then scroll through the products available. To make an enquiry about a product, email them or give them a call. Rates are cheaper the longer you hire for but there isn’t an option to make an enquiry about each individual product on each product page. Luckily, you can also just drop into your local A-Plant hire centre to browse their selection of stock. You can also talk to their friendly customer service staff, and if they don’t have an item in stock, ask them to request it for you.

Additional Services

Alongside their training and hire services, A-Plant also provide additional services and products including safety equipment to ensure that your staff and any equipment on site stay safe and secure, consumables for use with their machinery, discounted used machinery, tracking software and fully comprehensive insurance costing just 15% of the overall hire price. With cover up to £100,000 for just one incident and excesses starting from just £25, it’s well worth the investment.

Auto Tool Hire

One of A-Plant’s latest innovations is their Auto Tool Hire Unit. It’s a fully automated cabin that can be located on site, providing your workers with instant access to equipment, tools, machinery and more. Each piece of equipment is electronically tagged and CCTV is installed inside the cabin. As tools or equipment get taken out, they automatically get placed on hire – and when you’re ready to return them, just place the goods back on the shelves. If anything gets damaged or needs to be serviced, just place the item into the “quarantine” area – A-Plant will be alerted and will come to service the product as soon as they can.

Reviews: Speedy Services

Ranked no.1 in The Observer’s Good Companies Guide and with a slew of industry awards under their belt for everything from their hire services to their commitment to protecting the environment, Speedy Services provide a vast range of services, including the hire of an extensive range of tools and equipment, training, project management, event management and much, much more.


Nationwide Coverage

Speedy Services mostly supply their tools, equipment and services to companies with nationwide coverage, enabling them to coordinate nationwide events, offers and services with ease. But whether you’re a small or a large company, you’ll find it easy to hire and buy products, equipment and services, plan events and smoothly manage projects big and small with the help of Speedy Services.

Market Sectors

Speedy Services provide a vast range of tools and services to a number of market sectors, including construction, events, industrial, medical and much more, all over the world. Providing market-specific tools and services and having special knowledge in each of these sectors ensures that they stay ahead of market trends and can provide their customers with the most up-to-date services in their sector, investing in tools and equipment at the forefront of technology.

Services and Solutions

Not only can Speedy Services provide the tools and equipment that you need to get your business up and running, but they can also provide the services and solutions necessary to help you use those tools and equipment. Including training in a wide number of safety and skills courses that can be customised to the needs of your company, plus a wide number of NVQ courses that be delivered at your site or at the site of your choosing, as well as e-learning courses that allow staff to learn at their own pace from their place of work. They can also provide advice and guidance on compliance and can also provide compliance training, helping you claim back from government-funded schemes and ensuring that you adhere to guidelines and laws.

Speedy’s Services also include providing event and project management for companies up and down the country. If you want to set up an event, they can manage each and every aspect of it, from setting up lighting rigs to fuelling tankers. They can arrange specialist hires, too and can even deliver green solutions that enable you to put on an environmentally-friendly event that’ll go off with a bang.

Out of Hours

Unlike some hire companies, Speedy Services provide round-the-clock customer care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that if you have an equipment breakdown, they’ll be there to help at any time of the day or night – ensuring that if your equipment breaks down, your business won’t suffer. All customers will be contacted by a Speedy engineer within one hour, usually within 20 minutes, and they’ll be on site within less than four hours if they’re able.

Jewson Review

Jewson is at the forefront of the building industry and is the UK’s largest retailer of sustainable timber and building supplies. Founded in 1836, Jewson now has over 600 branches across the country, with nearly half of the branches offering tool and material hire. They’re part of one of the biggest construction businesses in the world, Saint-Gobain, allowing them to design, manufacture and distribute innovate products, sourcing new sustainable materials for a better tomorrow.




Jewson is at the very forefront of the sustainable building industry and is the largest retailer of sustainable building products within the UK. They’re passionate about searching for sustainable solutions to common building problems, and because the construction industry and the development of building materials contributes to around 10% of emissions within the UK, it’s now more important than ever to develop cheap, environmentally sound construction methods and materials.

Hire Tools


Because Jewson is so passionate about sustainability, they offer the opportunity to hire tools and materials at 280 of their branches, allowing customers and builders to hire items for use over a day, weekend, week or longer, instead of having to fork out paying the full retail price for a tool that they may never use again. Jewson also understand that the construction trade is fast moving, and builders and workers will often need tools within the same working day. That’s why they offer same day delivery on all tools that are in stock, and in many cases, will deliver goods within just four hours. For items that aren’t in stock, they’ll deliver within 24 hours, subject to the time of order. They also offer discounts if you hire goods online rather than in-store and are always on hand to offer advice and tips if you pick up your item from a store.

Tools to Suit You

Not only do Jewson offer a wonderful range of tools and materials through their hire service, but they’ll also drop off and pick up tools at a time and convenient location for you – so if you’re stuck on site and can’t get away to a Jewson store near you, there’s no need to worry as their friendly team can deliver it right to your door. Full instructions and safety equipment are provided with each and every hire and an Accident Damage Protection scheme is also offered, which will provide cover should there be an accident during the hire period or whilst you are using the item. Accessories can also be bought to accompany the tool at the time of hire or return. Even better, if you’re a credit account holder, Jewson will do their very best to find tools or materials for you – even if they’re not available in store or through the website. Credit account holders also get additional benefits, and so if you think you might hire tools from them regularly, it’s definitely a worthwhile option.

How to Make (and Save) Money by Hiring Things You Never Thought You Could Hire

In the current economic climate, families are increasingly looking to spend less and save more in case the worst should happen. Luckily, there is a sneaky way to not only make money but to save it too – by hiring out your own goods and services and by hiring goods and services instead of buying them. Making new products uses a huge amount of resources and if we borrowed something we need every now and then instead of buying it, we could also significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Virtually everything in your home is worth something, from the contents of your attic to your garden shed.


You can:

Hire Tools and Hardware


Got a tool kit shoved away at the back of your garden shed? Bought a plant strimmer only to leave it languishing in the garage? You’re not the only one. According to studies, the average power tool is only used for 30 minutes in its entire lifetime which makes it quite an expensive purchase! Make your power tools work for you by hiring them out, or think about renting tools or hardware next time you’re planning a bit of DIY – you could save up to 80% by hiring instead of buying so it’s definitely worthwhile.

Hire Cars and Transport

Range Rover Evoque

A new car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make during your lifetime, and if you only use the car at weekends or to nip to the supermarket, the cost of a new car could add up to a couple of hundreds of pounds per car journey. Save money by hiring a car instead of buying a new one, or, think about hiring a spot in someone else’s car. More and more people are renting out seats in their car if they’re going in the same direction as you and usually, you only need to pay enough money to cover the fuel costs. Another option is to hire your own car out during the days you don’t use it. You don’t have to stop there, though – you can even rent out your parking space and garage, which could be a nice little earner if you live in a commuter belt, in a city centre or close to a rail or bus station.

Hire Storage Space


If no-one wants to hire out your garage to park their car, they might want to hire it out to use as storage space. But your garage isn’t the only spot that you could hire out as storage space – if you have an empty garden shed, garage, attic or bedroom that you don’t use, someone will be willing to pay you for the privilege of storing their stuff, especially if your rates are cheaper or if you’re nearer than the local storage unit.

Hire Property


Another way to make money from that spare bedroom is to rent it out to a lodger – or, if you have a big house with lots of spare bedrooms, consider renting some of the rooms out to a family. A lodger or lodgers can bring in some valuable extra income that’ll help you pay the mortgage, as well as shared bills like energy, water, internet and television services. You could also think about renting to a student, as you’ll only need to rent to them during term time which will give you time alone throughout the summer and over Christmas.

Another option is to rent your whole home out. You could use the money gained from renting to rent somewhere smaller, or you might prefer to live with friends and family. This is a great way to get yourself back in the black if you’re struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments, but it’s also a great idea for generating a little extra cash if you’re going on holiday for longer than a fortnight. Finally, if you live in a particularly large or interesting house, you could even hire your house out as a film set… just imagine your family home on the silver screen!

Hire Clothes


If you have a wardrobe full of designer clobber that you never wear, such as dresses, accessories, handbags, shoes, jewellery or even designer suitcases, why not make some of your money back by hiring out the items that other people might like to borrow? Even if much of your wardrobe comes from the high street, you might still be able to hire some of your clothes out – and for that special occasion, instead of buying something new, why not think about hiring an item instead? You’ll be able to hire something really special for a fraction of the price that it’d cost you to buy new.

Hire Technology and Electronics


From the must-have to the never-used, statistics show that we spend up to £800 each year on technology – and some of those electronics will never even get taken out of the box. If you’re guilty of buying that must-have chunky kitchen gadget, the latest generation of games console or the computer with the highest spec, get some of your money back by hiring out your technology and electronics. You can even hire tech instead of buying it, which is a great way to test-drive an item before you commit to forking out lots of money for it.

Hire Party Supplies


Love to throw a good party? Low on storage space? Find yourself struggling to find space for your plates and glasses? Think about hiring them instead. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on place settings, martini glasses, silverware, extra tables and chairs and other bits and pieces, such as decorations and entertainment, hire them instead. Alternatively, if you have plenty of storage space – and plenty of party supplies – think about making a little bit of money by hiring your supplies out.

Hire Out Your Hobbies and Skills


If you can play an instrument, speak a foreign language or if you’re proficient in a particular subject, such as English, maths, science or even something like arts and crafts, think about hiring out your services as a teacher or mentor. You get to do something you love and that you’re talented at whilst also making money and helping someone else – what could be better? Keep in mind that if you want to be a tutor to children in primary school or secondary school, you might need to have a university degree. A TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) qualification will also help if you want to teach English to foreign students.

Hire Sports Equipment


Winter sports fans are probably familiar with the idea of hiring ski or snowboard equipment as this makes much more sense than buying, particularly if you only use the equipment once a year or if you live in a warmer climate. Hiring sports equipment also saves on storage and transportation fees and it makes it easy to get access to the most up-to-date equipment, and you can hire virtually any type of sports equipment at any time of the year. Hiring is also a good way to dip your toe into a sport without spending hundreds of pounds investing in it. If you have sports equipment that you don’t use, such as a treadmill or cross trainer, you could also think about hiring it out to make some extra cash on the side.


Hire Things You Never Thought You Could Hire


These days, you can hire or hire out virtually anything. Got a clock you don’t use? Hire it out. Not using that industrial strength meat mincer? Hire it out. You can even hire cats and dogs, and although it sounds a bit strange, hiring pets is an excellent way to see how your family interacts with a certain animal or to test if a breed triggers your allergies. It’s also a lovely way to just spend time with an animal – you can hire therapeutically trained animals for a few hours a week and you can even make some extra money hiring your animals to care homes and schools.


An Ottawa-based company even “hires” wives to male clients, offering services in cleaning, organizing, preparing, cooking and more. You can also hire caskets, using a fancy casket for the ceremony and something cheaper for the burial – and if you’re feeling particularly flush with cash, you can even rent a celebrity for upwards of £100,000-£200,000 for one hours’ worth of services.

Why not try some of the tips above to see how much money you could make by hiring out goods and services? You might not make £100,000 in an hour, but you can definitely significantly boost your income – and if you’re looking to hire instead of buy, you’ll save a packet too.