Reviews: Dream Wardrobe

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in the case of Dream Wardrobe, dresses, accessories, handbags and jewellery are all girl’s best pals too. If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a designer gown or just want your next event to go off with a bit of a bang, Dream Wardrobe can help. Hire fashion, accessories, handbags or jewellery for 4 days, 8 days or 14 days – perfect if you want to take your coveted designer piece away on holiday with you.


How it Works

The hiring process is really simple. Just while away an hour or two browsing through all the lovely bits and pieces or browse through the categories at the top of the page – by occasion, such as party or prom, or by wedding (whether you’re the guest, bride or the bride’s mum). You can also have a search through the What’s New section to browse new additions from some fantastic up and coming and already established designers.

Once you’ve found something that you love, just choose your size (you can also search by size, too – sizes are from a 6 to a 14), then click to reserve it. Choose how long you’d like to reserve it for, add any additional dresses (you can choose 2 more dresses, if you like, try them all on at home and then send the dresses back that you don’t want to wear – they’ll refund you), then checkout. Choose the date that you want the dress to be delivered by – they recommend a date two days before your event so that you can try the dress on, return it or get an alternate dress if yours doesn’t quite fit properly or if you’d rather something a little bit different. It’ll be delivered by 6pm, either by Royal Mail or by a courier if you live in London, and you’ll get a text when the item is out for delivery with a 1-hour timeslot – very handy so that you can nip out and about instead of waiting in all day for the delivery man.

Once your event is over, pop the dress back into the self-addressed pack and drop it in at the local post office. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it or pressing it either – that’s all taken care of in the hire price. They’ll also press and steam the dress before putting it into a garment bag. If it arrives a little bit creased, you can steam it on a very low heat before wearing it or just give them a call for some advice.

Wish Want Wear Review

Fancy a designer wardrobe without the designer price tag? Wish Want Wear are a clothing hire company, hiring everything from dresses to two-piece suits and bracelets to bags. You can even hire hats to finish off your outfit for every type of event that you can think of, including cocktail parties, black tie events, weddings, holidays abroad and romantic weekend getaways.


Designer Pieces at Discount Prices

Wish Want Wear is the brainchild of Uttara Parikh, Suruchi Bhargava and Suruchi Saxena, friends who met at the London Business School. Uttara wanted to wear designer clothes without forking out a huge amount of money and thus, Wish Want Wear was born. The company was founded in 2011 and started with just 80 dresses. Now, they stock over 1,000 dresses and have a vast selection of dresses, beautiful coats and jackets, comfy jumpsuits and pretty two-piece outfits fresh off the runways. They also stock brilliant accessories to finish your outfit off, including handbags and clutch bags, rings, necklaces, cuffs and earrings from a vast range of some of the best designers in the world, including ALICE by Temperley, sass & bide, M Missoni and Just Cavalli to name but a few.

How it All Works

The concept behind Wish Want Wear is really, really simple. Just choose the dress that you love, choose your size and hire period (whether you want to hire the clothes or accessories for 4 or 8 days), then hire the dress! Wish Want Wear even offer free back-up dresses should there be a problem, or, you can choose a back-up dress in a different size to make sure that you have the best possible fit for your special event. Special delivery costs just £6.95 and they also deliver on a Saturday and even on the same day as your event if you’re based in London – really handy should you get invited to a special event at the very last minute! They’ll ship the dress to your address (it’s recommended that you hire the dress a day or two before the event if you have enough notice so that you can send it back or hire a different dress if you need to). Then, all you have to do is enjoy your event and send the dress back to them in the free pre-paid return envelope. Dry cleaning and minor spills are covered in the price of the hire.

Try Before You Buy

Seen a dress you really love but just not sure that it’s going to suit you? Try three dresses for just £25 and Wish Want Wear will ship them to your door for 24 hours. Pop them back in the post once you’re finished trying them on, then book your favourite (or try another three dresses) for your next event! The perfect way to try before you buy.

For an unlimited designer wardrobe at the touch of a button, try Wish Want Wear today.

Girl Meets Dress – The pioneer story behind renting dresses online

Girl Meets Dress was the very first company to hire out luxury fashion online. Co-founder Anna Bance first came up with the idea for GMD while working as PR manager for Hermès, lending the latest dresses, gowns and accessories to celebrities and those in the fashion industry. Anna thought, “wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all borrow dresses for just one event, and wear a different designer for every event in our calendar?”, looked into the market, found that no-one else was doing anything quite like it, and after partnering with strategic co-founder Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise, Girl Meets Dress was born.


The idea behind GMD is to allow millions of women to rent over 4000 fabulous dresses, accessories and gowns from over 150 designer brands for as little as £39 – saving from buying expensive party dresses on the high street to use them occasionally. Buying designer pieces outright is out of reach for most of us and for the cost of a cheapy high street gown, you can rent a stunning designer frock and be the belle of the ball. Plus, it’s almost guaranteed that no-one else will be wearing the same dress!

Made In Chelsea's Millie Styling Session

Not only do Girl Meets Dress offer gowns, dresses and accessories for all occasions, including weddings (you can even rent wedding dresses!), proms, black tie events, date nights, work events, the races, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but they also let you filter dresses by size, color, style, designer and price to choose your favourite. As well as their huge range of dresses, they also have bags, hats and jewellery to hire and they sell a brilliant range of designer cosmetics, hosiery and shapewear to complete your look.


If you’re a fashion lover with at least one event every month, there’s also a nifty membership option which lets you hire any gown once a month, every month for just £39. Some dresses cost three times that and so if you’re likely to be renting a dress that frequently, it’s a great option. You can carry over dress credits for a few months, too, if you have a quiet month – which means that you can “save up” a few credits for months where you’re a little bit busier!

To make your life even easier, there are also a number of helpful extras, including the ability to try on up to three gowns to ensure the perfect fit, dry cleaning (so you don’t even have to worry about getting the dress cleaned before you send it back), delivery to your home, office or to the event, hire periods of 2 or 7 nights and stylist recommendations if you’re feeling a little bit spoilt for choice. And if you fall in love with a dress? There’s even the option to buy certain dresses and jumpsuits if you can’t bear to send it back.


Girl Meets Dress is the perfect location for anyone looking for a gown for work or play. Whether you’re a fashion lover or a fashion novice, GMD can help you find the dress of your dreams.

How to Make Money as a Student by Hiring Goods

Student life can be tricky at the best of times, but when you’re running out of money and living on baked beans and noodles, it can be pretty rubbish. Most students end up running out of money at one time or another, especially when they’re waiting for their next loan payment, but luckily, there is something that students can do to make money – and save money – and that’s hire goods.


Making Money by Hiring Goods

A lot of students have a lot of assets – things like high end clothes, a pair of designer heels or a designer dress, a fancy camera, a computer that you no longer use or even that box of power tools that your dad bought for you as a moving in gift. All of these things can be hired out, either each day, each week or each month, and can bring in a significant amount of income.

Hiring is easier than you might think, too. All you need to do to get started is click on the post an ad link at the top right of the home page, then follow the on-screen instructions for listing your item. Viola! You’re ready to start hiring.

Don’t assume that you don’t have anything worth hiring, either – chances are if you have a dig around in your wardrobe or loft, or if you’re hanging onto a camera, phone, video games console or even kitchen equipment that you don’t want to get rid of “just in case”, you’ve got something that can be successfully hired out.

As an example, if your parents bought you a Canon Pro camera for Christmas but you just haven’t gotten around to using it yet, you could make up to £150 per day or up to £500 per week by renting it out. You can hire out everything from cake stands to gravy boats and designer dresses to antique jewellery – so have a dig around in your home and you’ll be sure to find something!

Saving Money Hiring Goods

Not only can students make quite a bit of money hiring out their goods, but they can also save money by hiring them from others instead of buying them outright. Moving into student accommodation can cost a fortune, as you have to buy a bed, wardrobe and kitchen equipment – and if you’re moving into your own flat, you’ll need to fully furnish it. But if you’re planning to move into a new flat each year, or if you’re going to have to move out of your student accommodation each year, buying new furniture and new equipment could get very pricey. Instead, hiring goods as and when you need them – and negotiating longer fixed price deals if you want to keep something for a year or longer – could save you money. It also means that you don’t have to worry about storage when you return home, and you can just buy the furniture you love when you move out for good, instead of having to sell your student furniture.

Hiring goods is a sneaky way to make a bit of extra money on the side whether you’re a student or just looking to make some extra income by renting out equipment, clothing and more. It can save you money, too – in fact, hiring could really bring you a lot of benefits.

Hire Happy: Hiring Clothes for Events

Fretting over what to wear to your office party? Don’t pay over the odds for a party dress when you can hire one instead! Christmas is right around the corner and that means party season is fast approaching – at your office, at your husband’s office, a party with your friends, a party with your family, a party with the children, not to mention New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It’s no surprise that many women invest in one frock at the beginning of December with the aim of wearing the same dress throughout the party season so that they don’t have to worry about shopping and spending throughout the busiest shopping month of the year. But what if you could do things differently? What if, instead of paying £70-100 on a party dress, you could spend just £120 and get three completely different dresses – and just £200 and get all of your dresses, all of your accessories and a designer handbag for the month? It sounds too good to be true, but fashionistas everywhere are embracing this hot new trend: hiring clothes for events.


Hiring Clothes for Christmas

Christmas clothes are expensive – add the words “Christmas party” to any outfit and you’ll pay a price. With party after party after party, it’s important to invest in a dress that makes you look as good as you feel but if you splash too much cash on a dress that you don’t really love, that might not fit next year and that might not even be in style next year, you can feel like you’ve wasted a whole heap of money. Christmas is also the most expensive time of year for virtually everyone – you have to treat your friends and family, buy a turkey, buy presents for all of your children and your children’s friends and sometimes, it can feel like you have to send cards and presents to virtually everyone in your neighbourhood. Saving a little bit of money on your party dress might not sound like much, but over the course of the Christmas season, it can definitely add up.

If you buy a party dress, you’re likely to spend around £70-£100 on something that looks great, makes you feel good and that’s as comfortable as possible – but if you hire party dresses instead, you can get three or even four party dresses for around £120-130. You can then finish the look with a fabulous handbag, sparkling jewellery and a pair of killer heels for around £80-100. If you’re the type of gal that likes to wear something new to every event (me too!) but feels too guilty to splash out £70 on every party, hiring is definitely the right option. Not only can you hire clothes for Christmas, but also for events throughout the year – and you’ll save money and be able to wear the latest designer gear to each and every do.

Hiring Clothes Throughout the Year

Remember – the same principles apply to events and seasonal dates throughout the year too. Don’t want to fork out for a Halloween costume that you’ll have to wear year after year to get your money’s worth? Hire it instead! Going on a skiing holiday but don’t know if you’ll be going next year? Hire the equipment instead of buying it. Hiring clothing, equipment and much, much more could save you a fortune – and it means you don’t have to worry about storage or cleaning, too!

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Halloween Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet chosen a costume, it’s possible that you’re just a little bit stuck for ideas. Learn how to pick the perfect Halloween costume for you with these simple tips – and get cracking!


Think About Your Style

Before you can choose a costume, you need to know your own style. Do you like wearing dresses or skirts? Or are you more comfortable in jeans? Are you a real girly girl? Or do you prefer a more casual style? What about colour? Have a good think about your style and what you’re comfortable wearing, then base your costume around that. If you love wearing dresses, a witch’s dress and hat might be the perfect costume for you. If you love all things girly, perhaps a fairy costume – or, if you’re most comfortable in jeans, a lumberjack costume might work well.

Hire Instead Of Buy

Buying a Halloween costume is all well and good, but once you take the plunge and buy a costume, you’ll end up wearing it each and every time you get an invitation to a fancy dress party. Hiring Halloween costumes instead of buying them means that you can try something new every Halloween, letting you embrace new styles each year.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Although a simple Halloween costume compromising of just a dress of a top and bottoms can look fantastic, to really get the look, you’ll need to add accessories too. A fairy, for example, isn’t complete without her wings and a wand, while a gnome costume wouldn’t be too effective without a hat and a fishing rod. Most costumes are supplied with accessories these days but it’s always important to double check.

Think About the Weather

Halloween is cold – and it’s often wet, rainy, windy and stormy, too. So you really need to think about the weather, especially if you’re going out trick-or-treating with the children. Most women’s costumes can be made a little bit warmer with a pair of thick black tights and knee-high boots, while men’s can be warmed up with a long-sleeved top and some thick socks. It sounds silly, but lots of people forget to think about keeping warm as they’re so focussed on their costume – so wrap up and stay toasty this Halloween!

What About A Group Costume?

If you’re heading to a Halloween party or going to spend time with friends this Halloween, why not choose a group costume? You could choose a theme such as film, for example, and all dress up as characters from that film. If video games are more your thing, what about going as your favourite character? You could all wear the same costume, or, for a really fun look, you could all choose to go as different characters.

Ultimately, Halloween is all about having fun, so choose a costume that you love and that you feel comfortable in and you’ll have a brilliant time!