Would You Rent Out Your Car?

More and more “car club” services are popping up all over the UK. Zipcar, for example, a company that owns a fleets of cars that drivers can hire for as little as an hour, have locations in major cities across the country. The peer to peer rental/sharing market has soared over the last few years, with thousands of people hiring out everything from their spare bedroom to their Louboutins – so why not make some money from your car, too?

Krishna Williams rents out his car

Image: The Guardian

easyCar Club have spotted a gap in the hire car market, allowing people to hire their car directly to other drivers in the local area. It’s immensely safer than hiring through a local free listings site or social networking sites, as there are a whole hot of protective measures in place, including feedback for both the hirer and the owner, insurance provided by easyCar for the duration of the hire period (which means that your no claims discount is protected, as the hire doesn’t effect your existing insurance policy), RAC cover (whether you’re driving your car or whether you’re hiring the car out) and the ability to “block out” days or weeks where you’ll be driving the car, and to accept or deny requests to hire as and when you please. Put simply, you are in control of each and every hire.

The sticking point with easyCar’s system is that they are quite stringent with regards to who can hire their car out. Vehicles must be less than five years old (although older vehicles can become hire cars – easyCar will pay for an RAC inspector to make sure that it’s roadworthy), have driven less than 120,000 miles, be worth less than £60,000 and be covered in insurance classes 1-32. This means that your average, run of the mill family/city/commuting car will fit the bill just nicely. If you have a more exotic car – like a Ferrari or a Lambourghini (lucky you) there are sites dedicated to hiring out these types of cars, with the proper insurance and maintenance cover included so that you don’t need to worry about whether your car is going to get scratched/totaled.

Something to keep in mind when considering hiring out your car is how attached you are to it. If you’re a bit of a fanatic, wash and wax it weekly and are slightly obsessive about not letting the children eat in it, hiring out is probably not the best idea – no matter the precautions, even if you stipulate that the car must be returned clean, tidy and with a full tank of petrol – the person hiring the car may have a different view on what clean, tidy and full mean. On the other hand, if your car is simply something you use to get from A to B, or you use it in conjunction with public transport, or if it’s sat in a train/bus car park each day for 10 hours whilst you commute, hiring it out could provide you with extra income for very little effort and very little fuss.

10 Things to Buy Now and Keep Forever

Interior design is a fickle friend. Trends change with each season and what was perfect for summer becomes too bright and bold for the more subdued winter months. Stripes are in, and then they’re not. Metallic furniture is in, and then it’s not. Patchwork sofas are in, and then, you’ve guessed it, they’re not. So how do you decorate your home without buying into fads and trends? Well, we’ve got 10 things that you can buy now and keep forever. They’ll be with you whatever the colour on the walls and wherever you go, quietly making your home feel homely. Click here to hire cars and vans to pick up your new furniture, or take a look at this link for painting and decorating materials if you want a fresh start.


  • An amazing dining table. Don’t choose something too modern – all glass and chrome – instead, look for a wooden set with sleek lines and chairs with tall backs. If you can get away with it, go for a circular table as you can always squeeze one more person in.
  • Instead of staid armchairs, invest in the modern version, with clean lines, thin legs and a soft-to-the-touch fabric. They’ll last for years.
  • Original artwork. Either paint it yourself, get someone to do it for you, or buy from a local gallery. You might just discover the next big name in the art world – and if not, you’re still supporting the local community.
  • A decent set of kitchen knives. Those brightly coloured sets are all well and good, but they tend not to be particularly sharp. Buy chef’s knives, or even just one or two, and they will quite literally last a lifetime.
  • Plain yet elegant dishware. When you move into your first home, you’ll likely have pots and plates from at least four different sets. Match everything up by buying a set of plain yet elegant dishware – perhaps a rounded square shape with either no pattern or very minimal pattern. Better yet, invest in chip-free and scratch-resistant crocks so that you don’t end up ruining them in the washing-up bowl.
  • A super-strength blender. Handy for grinding spices, coffee and nuts, making smoothies, perfecting custards, making delicious meringues, blending soup and making smoothies, a super-strength blender is a must for all kitchen work-tops.
  • A decent rug. If you have wooden floors and want something that will warm the place up a little bit, invest in a well-made rug. If you like the style, choose a tapestry-style rug – the bonus is, they actually look better the more they’re used.
  • A really good, heavy cooking pot made from ceramic, rather than metal. Again, invest now and you’ll never have to buy another one. Perfect for the most melt-in-your-mouth stews and roasts.
  • A modern headboard. Look for something fairly tall, with clean lines but soft padding so that it’s comfy, too.
  • Anglepoise lamps are the classic, and they’re so popular for a reason: they’re really elegant and incredibly functional for task lighting. As a modern update, look for anglepoise-style floor lamps.

Source: The Nest

Why Zipping is the New Renting

Chances are, you’ve heard at least a little bit about Uber and Lyft over the last few months – car sharing and “taxi” schemes designed for you to hop in someone else’s car and hitch a ride, often at a significantly lower cost than regular car services, with either (and) a big pink moustache on the front of the car or a “U” on the dash. Uber has recently hopped over the pond to the London car rental market, but Lyft is still an unknown. Luckily, though, we have Zipcar – a “car club” that want to take 1 million cars off the road, matching drivers with riders and ensuring that everyone gets to do their bit for the plant, all while getting to drive thousands of cars in locations all over the world.


This kind of car club is completely different to your run of the mill rent a car concept – basically, everybody pays a fee to be able to drive any of the cars on their books at any time. Many of the cars are available to hire either hourly or daily, ideal if you want to pop out of town for the afternoon or go away for the weekend. You make the hire, unlock the car with your smartphone or the Zipcar app, hop in and drive away. Then when you return, you simply leave the car back at its reservation bay. There are 6 simple rules that are explained to every Zipcar member when they join, which include things like leaving the car with at least 1/4 of a tank of fuel, making sure that the car is clean/free of food wrappers and pet hairs before you leave and keeping the car smoke free, so that everyone can enjoy the ride. There are a few flaws with this though – if the car becomes damaged, there’s no way to tell who damaged the car as they’re not monitored or attended and the onus automatically fall on the last person to drive the car. That’s all well and good, but if the damage occurred between the end of your hire period and the beginning of the next hire period, you have a problem. The only way to solve this is either to take photographs of the vehicle as you leave it, or to shoot a quick video. For the extra 5 seconds of inconvenience, it’s definitely worth it – otherwise, you might be charged for something that wasn’t your fault.

Ultimately, companies like Zipcar and even the entrepeuner hiring out his car on the weekends to make a little extra money all have one thing in common: the potential to vastly change the way we see the car hire market. Zipcar estimate that each Zipcar takes 6 personally-owned cars off the road, while owners who sign up to the service typically drive less than 1,000 miles per year – adding up to huge energy savings of 121 million litres of crude oil left in the ground, which means that our natural resources are being protected. Not only that, but with fewer cars on the road, we can all enjoy cleaner, greener air and more open spaces.

Even if just a few of us start to hire cars for the day instead of buying a brand new vehicle, it’s a step in the right direction – and that’s what’s important.

Reviews: Rentruck Rochdale

You might have noticed, if you’ve been following our review section, that we’re a bit of a fan of car hire – after all, you get to drive the car of your dreams for a day without a hefty price tag. But Rentruck Rochdale are a little bit different – they hire trucks, cars and vans for any and every event or job. All of their fleet are serviced and valeted regularly, which means that you’re pretty much guaranteed an excellent drive all for a very reasonable price.


About Rentruck Rochdale

Not many companies can say they’ve been running for over 50 years – never mind 90 years. But Rentruck can. With over 90 years of experience renting cars, vans and trucks, they’re a leader in the field and know pretty much everything there is to know about the rental experience from start to finish, meaning that the customer is most definitely in safe hands.

Making a Hire

Whether you need to hire a refrigerated van for a job, or need a replacement car after being in an accident, Rentruck can help. From a small Vauxhall Corsa perfect for nipping around town in to a swanky Audi saloon, they have a rather large fleet for a company that covers only a local area – which is excellent news for their customers. They also have a range of vans and refrigerated vehicles in a number of sizes to suit every budget and every job. To make a hire, click on Fleet at the top of their home page and choose which type of vehicle you want to hire – car, van or refrigerated vehicle. Have a look through what’s on offer and once you’ve made your choice, you can either click on the Book Now link or give them a call. The hire price includes insurance, breakdown cover and a fully serviced and valeted vehicle. As a bonus, if you already have fully comprehensive insurance, they’ll drop the price of the hire by 30%. This is really unusual, actually, as many hire car companies will insist that you need their insurance too so it’s nice to see that Rentruck are actually helping people save money. Their hire prices are also very inexpensive, and you can choose to hire for a day, a week or on a short-term lease if that’s more convenient. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, give them a call and they can do everything from sorting out the solicitor to supplying the replacement vehicle – a similar vehicle to your own so that you won’t be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by your hire car!

Reviews: Lucketts Travel

One of the leading coach hire companies in Hampshire, plus the surrounding counties of Dorset, Oxfordshire, Avon and Somerset, Lucketts Travel provides private hire for holidays and day trips as well as hire for corporate clients and schools. Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, they have a solution for you. With a number of accredirations and awards, Lucketts are well known for their extremely courteous staff, comfortable and luxurious vehicles and fantastic service. With the ethos of a family-run business and all of the smooth service that you’d expect of a multi-national, they’re something of a surprise.



Coach Holidays

Coach holidays have a bit of a bad reputation – full of “older” people and rather dull and boring trips to museums and factories. Lucketts is trying to change that reputation with their range of unique coach holidays – not only do you get to travel to some fantastic places, but they’ll pick you up from home and drop you back at home, too. You don’t have to be a couple to go, either – they provide single room accommodation for holidays, as well as day trips and excursions around the UK and throughout Europe. They take people on everything from shopping trips to stately homes, all at great prices.

Coach Hire

They also provide coach hire for private and corporate clients. With more than 100 coaches, buses and people carriers to choose from, you can hire their vehicles for everything from weddings to holidays. You can either drive them (if you hire a people carrier), or if you hire a coach, one of their fully accredited Guild of of British Coach Operators will operate it for you. Each coach comes with luxury seating and air conditioning as standard.

How to Hire

Hiring is fairly simple. You can use the tabs at the top of the page to choose what you’d like to hire, fill out the information about when you’d like to hire and where you’d like to hire from – as well as what you’d like to hire the vehicle for – and they’ll get back to you with a quote, as well as a list of all available vehicles for the hire period. Or, if you’d rather speak to someone, you can give them a call and one of their advisors will tell you everything you need to know. If you’re a school, or if you’ll need to hire a coach on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to give them a ring – they offer a number of discounts if you’re a regular customer.

Review: Hippy Campers

There are, frankly, hundreds of companies that hire campervans. Some are good and some are not so good, but what makes Hippy Campers different is their personality – they have a real sense of humour in everything they do and are committed to giving you every possible bit of information you could need before you travel, so that when you do go to pick up your camper, you’re well prepared for the holiday ahead.


How to Hire

Hippy Campers have four campers for hire, each with a very unique personality: Little Miss Mojito, Little Miss Merlot, Little Miss Malibu and Little Miss Margarita. Each camper has a different theme and a different look and comes complete with everything you need for your holiday – from a BBQ and gas canister to a comfy full-width bed for two. To make the hire, head to the availability page and choose which camper you’d like to hire. Click on the image to get live availability information, then book your start date and end date. You can choose to hire for a long weekend, or for a week, but the start date and end date of your hire is entirely up to you – Hippy Camper understand that it isn’t always possible to hire from a Saturday to a Saturday and so try to be as flexible as possible. You can also call them or email them and to secure the camper, you’ll need to put down a deposit of £150. The balance will then be payable four weeks before the start date of your hire. It’s really as simple as that!

What the Hire Includes

Each and every Hippy Camper hire includes:

  • A full-sized, full-width comfy bed, plus a range of sleeping options including hammocks and air beds for any younger visitors.
  • Plenty of options for cooking on the go, including a 2 or 3 ring stove, a traditional charcoal BBQ and free charcoal, plus a portable gas stove and canisters to help you dine al fresco
  • A fridge and sink
  • A connection for iPods so that you can listen to music while you drive, plus a 240v plug so that you can charge everything up that needs to be charged
  • A complete set of kitchen implements, including pots, pans and cutlery
  • Chairs and a picnic table so that you can dine outdoors if the weather is kind to you
  • The option to hire bikes, if you like, to use alongside your campervan
  • Full breakdown cover and roadside assistance should you get into any bother

The only catch is that if you’re under 25, you’ll probably have to pay an additional insurance fee. Hippy Campers offer fully comp cover – this is included in the hire price – but you might have to pay a bit more if you don’t have as much experience. All in all though, they’re one of the friendliest camper hire companies that we’ve come across.

Reviews: Budget UK

Budget UK is one of the UK’s largest car hire providers, with over 3,100 locations across the world in 120 different countries, giving their customers access to a huge fleet of vehicles. They’re a brand that is recognised globally, with locations across the world, including America and a number of European countries. Wherever you are in the world, Budget Car Rental is committed to finding you the perfect car at the perfect price, at some of the very best rates that we’ve seen on the market.


About Budget

Budget have long been known as one of the cheapest car hire providers, but that doesn’t mean that you get less for your money. Their aim is to provide you with the most value for the least amount of money. They offer a range of payment plans, including pre-payment plans so that your bill is paid off before you travel, as well as a number of discounts and offers that provide savings if you book early, for longer periods of time or for business purposes. From time to time, they’ll also offer discounts if you book and pay online of up to 25% and there is also the occasional flash sale for different locations around the world.

Making a Hire

Hiring a car is fairly simple. Just click on “Get a Quote” at the top of the page, then choose where you want to make the hire from (airport or city) and the date and time that you want to hire the vehicle to or from. You’ll then be shown a list of vehicles that are available for your chosen times and dates and you can then narrow your choice down a little bit further. There’s just one catch – you must be over 23 to hire a car and drivers under the age of 25 may well have to pay a surcharge. You can hire everything from a small sports car to a huge 8-seater family wagon – just ask or specify before checkout. If you don’t know what you’re after, or what you want from the hire, you can either email them or just give them a quick call and their friendly team will be able to offer help and advice.

Managing the Booking

Once you’ve made the booking, everything else can be done fairly quickly, depending on the vehicle and package that you’ve chosen. You could pick up or drop off your rental car, or, they can deliver to you too, which means that you get a shiny new hire car without having to leave the house!

Great Escape Car Hire Review

It seems like we review a lot of car hire companies here at Hire Jungle, but Great Escape Classic Car Hire is definitely one of the most unique! With the largest fleet of classic, vintage vehicles in the UK, Great Escape offer a vast range of classic and performance motors in several convenient locations throughout the UK.

great escape

Great Escape Classic Car Hire was founded in 2006 by classic car lovers Graham and Janine Eason to make renting a vintage car, easy, fun and most importantly, affordable, with prices starting from just £95. Great Escape is now the UK’s biggest classic car hire company with locations around the UK, either operated by Great Escape staff or by like-minded enthusiasts who hire their cars out through GE.


Great Escape put a huge amount of work into pricing their cars. At least 35% of the hire cost goes straight back into maintaining the fleet of vehicles, ensuring a high level of reliability. All hire prices are fully inclusive, meaning that the price displayed is the price paid, including breakdown cover. Hire packages include: full 24 hours use of the vehicle (not just AM to PM), 150 miles per day (unless otherwise stated or agreed before the hire), parking for your own vehicle, an 18-point check of the vehicle before the hire, local rail and airport pick-up, insurance, breakdown cover, carbon off-setting, a leather-bound in-vehicle information pack and a vehicle familiarisation tour.

Packages and Hires


Great Escape offer two hire packages, whether you want to self-drive the vehicle or be driven. The self-drive package is outlined in detail above, and the chauffeur package provides much of the same benefits – but all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury of your classic car.

There are also a range of gift vouchers if you’re looking for a gift for a classic car enthusiast. Buy a specific gift voucher for a certain car, day and time, or buy a gift voucher for any value that you like so that your recipient can choose the perfect car for them. There are also regular Classic Car Rallies throughout the year – the perfect gift or day out for anyone who loves classic cars, including breakfast, lunch and the chance to drive five classic cars on some of the best roads in Britain.

Great Escape also cater corporate events, giving workers the opportunity to network and chat whilst driving some fantastic vehicles. The general format of the day will be for drivers to take turns navigating and driving the vehicles, swapping vehicles along the route, stopping for lunch halfway through the day – but there is a huge amount of scope to adapt the day to suit your requirements.

Whether you want to hire a car for a weekend away in the Cotswolds, self-drive a vintage motor to your wedding or take a spin on a rally day, Great Escape Classic Car Hire can help.