Reviews: Walk in Wardrobe

We’ve reviewed quite a few clothing hire companies in our time – after all, we like clothes! But Walk in Wardrobe is a little bit different. They’re a shop, shopping experience, beauty parlour and re-sale agent, which means that you get a full-on fashion and beauty experience the minute you step through the doors. They’ve been described as the swankiest boutique in Brighton and have won Best Place to Shop in Sussex two years in a row. When we say swanky, we mean swanky – there’s even a red carpet that you can strut your stuff down while showing off your new gown to your gal pals.



Walk in Wardrobe have a slew of services that go above and beyond your average clothing hire website or store. Sure, you can buy online – as well as hire, arrange sales and browse lovely, lovely designer clothes – but you can also nip in store (if you’re local) and do the same. Whilst you’re there, you can indulge in beauty treatments to make you look and feel amazing and you can even take part in a photo shoot – borrow clothes from the store (the perfect excuse for trying on that Armani gown you’ve been lusting after for ages) or take your own outfits and pose up a storm. It makes a fab gift, or even better, a totally selfish indulgent day for you and you alone.

Making a Hire

Making a hire is pretty simple. Again, you can either nip into the shop and ask to see what’s available, or you can browse online. The company recently introduced daywear, which means that you can indulge in fabulous trousers, tops, jackets and flat shows as well as show-stopping gowns, dresses, high heels, fascinators and virtually everything else you can think of. If you’re browsing online, pop in your hire dates (when you want to hire from, allowing 2 days for delivery), and if the item is available then you’ll be given the option to hire and go through to checkout. If not, the hire button will be blanked out – simple! Generally, the hire period is for 2 days. If you want to hire for longer, you’ll need to pre-arrange it with Walk in Wardrobe. You can also try before you hire, but they are fairly strict with this: you’ll need to return it on the day that you receive it if you’re not happy, which does give you a fairly short period to try it on.


Walk in Wardrobe also have a pre-owned service, whereby they sell your new/nearly new and pre-owned designer clothes on your behalf. You can also sell your pre-owned WiW stuff with them, too. All items must be designer – no high street allowed (boo, Topshop lovers), and they should be new or nearly new. You’ll get 50% of the sale price if it sells within the first month, but if it hasn’t sold after two months, the boutique might donate the item to charity instead. So, if you’re selling your garments in the hope of making some money, you might be better off hiring them out instead.