What You Need to Know About Garden Centre Shopping

A day out at the garden centre can be surprisingly fun – especially if there’s a tea shop on site! But if you’re new to gardening, or are simply lured by elegant blooms and fancy pots, there are a few things you might get wrong at the garden centre. No matter how much money you spend, if you buy the wrong things, you’ll wind up with a garden that either doesn’t look particularly good or that doesn’t flourish, meaning that you’ll have wasted a fair bit of money. Read on to find out what you need to know about garden centre shopping and look at this link for landscaping tools.


Shop for Foliage, not Flowers

If you just buy flowers, you’ll wind up with a very sparse looking garden for 75% of the year. If you are a big flower fan, plant out varieties that have interesting leaves or pretty foliage so that they’ll still look pretty once the flowers are gone, and make sure you include things like grasses and ferns to fill in the gaps.

You Don’t Need to Buy the Best-Looking Plant

Many of us are drawn to the plant that looks the prettiest. But although you should be looking for plants with crisp leaves, sturdy looking stems and a healthy root system (avoid plants that have a huge lump of roots at the base of the pot as they’ll likely suffocate), you don’t need to buy plants that are flowering. Why? Well, if they’re already flowering at the garden centre, they won’t flower for that long in your garden and so you’ll only get to enjoy them for a few weeks. Look for plants with healthy buds instead and let them flourish in your garden.

Choose Healthy Plants

It sounds obvious, but it’s really important that you choose healthy plants vs. diseased plants. Leaves should be bright green and buds plump, the stems plump and the root system neither too big nor too small. Signs of disease include wilted brown or yellowed leaves, and signs of insect damage include bumps and blisters, webs and aphids – little green bugs. You don’t want to introduce pests into an otherwise healthy garden so steer clear, even if the plants are in the bargain bin.

Read the Labels

You’d be amazed at how many people just forget to read the label of a plant then take it home and put it in completely the wrong spot. It’s really important to read the label so that your plant gets the nourishment that it needs, as well as the right amount of sunlight and shade. Don’t bin the labels once the plants are in the ground, either – stick them next to the plant or if you’re not a fan of the label, rewrite the care instructions on something a bit prettier.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Flowers are lovely. But orange, red, blue and purple flowers all jumbled together in one bed aren’t particularly lovely. When you’re at the garden centre, pick a colour scheme and stick to it, or if you’re undecided, go for two different colour schemes that you can plant out into different beds.

Source: Country Living