DIY Tips: Feature Wallpaper Tips

Feature walls are an interior design style staple. Many design schemes are based around one feature wall, with the colours and textures of the room inspired by the tones and patterns of the feature wall. Take a look at these top feature wallpaper tips to learn exactly how to make the most of your space with a feature wall and take a look at this link for wallpaper and decorating supplies to get the job done.

feature walls


  • Mural prints: Instead of choosing a wallpaper with a repeating pattern, choose a feature wallpaper with a large mural print that’s spread across the whole wall. The image above shows a pretty, delicate wallpaper that looks perfect when paired with plain, pared back furniture. The flowers and birds add softness, but still create plenty of interest.
  • Use the same print in two coloursAn easy way to add interest to the room is by using the same wallpaper print in two different colours. A great way to do this is to use one colour on the chimney breast and the second colour either side of the chimney. Or, you could frame the wallpaper in a chunky frame and position it on the feature wall to provide contrast. If you want to create impact without making the room feel small, use the softer wallpaper colour on the chimney breast and the brighter, bolder colour on the two alcoves.
  • Add texture: Feature walls don’t just have to be flat and smooth – for real impact and to make a dramatic style statement, opt for a paper with texture, instead. Materials include seagrass, sisal, woven paper, silk and raffia for a high-end, luxurious feel. Alternatively, choose a paper that has a slightly sheeny or metallic finish, or a soft suede finish. Look for wallpapers that have a “strokable” finish for a luxe freel.
  • Frame your window: You don’t always have to put a feature wall on a large wall that has no other features, windows or doors. For a surprising take on the feature wall trend, use a patterned wallpaper to frame your window and either make the most, or detract from the view beyond. Bright colours and zingy patterns work best.
  • Light and shade: When choosing your feature wallpaper, it’s really important that you think about the basic concepts of design: light and shade. Walls that are papered in paler colours will receed into the room while walls that are papered in darker colours will “pop” out. If you paper a narrow stretch of wall in a long, thin room in a darker colour, it could make the room look smaller, so it’s important that you choose colour carefully to balance out the space and to make it feel bigger or smaller as necessary.
  • Feature alcoves: If you use the space in one of your alcoves as a mini office, or if you just want to add interest to the space without overwhelming the room, make a feature out of one or both of the alcoves. If you’re using an alcove as a little office space, wallpaper using a feature paper, then use floating shelves to store your supplies.

Source: UKTV Home