Kitchen Appliances That Will Transform Your Life

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Your kitchen says a lot about you, but you don’t need to have the latest fancy gadgets to whip up a culinary storm at home. There are lots of appliances out there that will take the hassle out of eating well and make your life easier. We’ve rounded up some of the essentials.

Water Purifier

We could all benefit from drinking more H2O and a water purifier makes it even easier to glug down those recommended eight glasses a day. A water purifier removes impurities and other nasties from your drink which not only makes it safer to consume, but gives it a clearer, better taste too. Different water purifiers operate using different processes and come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to shop around and make sure you don’t buy one that’s too big. It’s always a good idea to look out for companies and brands that offer service and guarantees after purchase too.

Coffee Maker

Give yourself the kick you need in the morning or brew up a palate for guests at dinner party with a coffee maker. When looking for the best one to buy, easy cleaning features are a must! Also look out for added extras such as manual water control, a steam wand and water filter. If your budget stretches to it you can also buy coffee makers that will grind coffee beans for you too.

Soda Maker

You can’t beat a glass of ice cold soda on a hot summer’s day, but the ones you find in shops are often full of sugars, sodium and additives – not ideal if you’re trying to make healthy eating a priority. So you can’t really go wrong with a soda maker. These applicances don’t use electric and can churn out up to sixty litres of the fizzy stuff using refillable carbon dioxide canisters. And with nowhere near the amount of nasties that you find in the big name brands.

Hand-Held Blender

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work and having to cook something, so soup is a great option. You can batch cook it and freeze so it will be ready to eat in just a few minutes. Get yourself a hand-blender and you can mix up a healthy and delicious soup in minutes – no more of the tinned stuff! Of course, a hand-blender also comes in very useful if you’re a keen baker too.

Slow Cookers

The ultimate appliance for anyone short on time or money, a slow cooker really is indispensable. Perfect for creating budget meals you can just throw your meat, vegetables and stock inside it and leave it to bubble away while you’re at work or out at the weekend and when you come back your kitchen will be filled with the scent of a hearty stew, curry or casserole that will be ready in minutes. The key to finding the best is to look for slow cookers with removable inserts.

How to: Get a Clutter-Free Kitchen

You know what they say: a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind, and the same goes for your kitchen! A messy kitchen, with odds and ends shoved into random cupboards won’t help you make a delicious meal – but a clean and clutter-free kitchen just might. Learn how to get a clutter-free kitchen with our tips.


  • Serve sticky products – things like honeys, jams, syrups etc on a lazy Susan or on a large tray. Then you’ve just got one thing to wash rather than having to wipe down the whole table. Sounds obvious, I know. But it’s not, surprisingly!
  • Keep cookbooks on open shelves, but just make sure they’ve away from the hob and oven – otherwise, they’ll get covered in grease, and the humidity means that they’ll end up falling apart far sooner than necessary.
  • Pop pretty towels and oven gloves on a shelf with pegs – just make sure the pegs are at least two feet away from the oven and hob, again, so that they don’t get greasy and dirty from the food being cooked.
  • Arrange everything according to how often you use it, so you’re not rooting around for things that you use regularly. Plates, glasses, cutlery etc that you use everyday should be put into lower level cupboards, while cooking equipment such as blenders and slow cookers can then be put into higher up cupboards or your pantry.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry, or a tall tins cupboard, group like for like together – tinned veg, tomatoes and passata, bottles of olive oils and vinegars etc so that you can just know where everything is. It’s also a good idea to have a little cupboard, or a little spice rack so that you have access to all of your spices in one go instead of having to search through your cupboard.
  • Another good idea is to organise by cabinet – for example, keep all bakery goods in one cupboard. In my kitchen, I am a bit of an avid baker, so my icing colors, icing sugar, moulds, icing tools and so on are all kept in one cupboard, along with my measuring cups, cookie cutters and baking moulds.
  • Store all of your actual cooking utensils – as in, the stuff you use to cook with – pans, pots, frying pans, etc, all in one place, as close to the stove as you can. It makes life easier.
  • Make sure that your kitchen has the triangle rule – the stove, the sink and a bit of worktop should be, ideally, in the shape of a triangle as this is thought to be the easiest way to work, as it gives you easy access to everything you need.
  • Pop spoons, spatulas, fish slices and spaghetti spoons into a pretty pot by the stove so that they’ll be within arm’s reach whenever you need them.

Source: Real Simple

DIY Tips: Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

You can freshen up your kitchen without spending a fortune over the course of a long weekend by following these tips. Cook up a stunning kitchen interior in your culinary haven with these budget-friendly tips and take a look at this link for kitchen goods to complete the look.



Revamping the Worktops

If you’re lusting after granite or marble worktops but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to it, take a look at quartz instead. It’s cheaper than the pricier stone worktops but is available in a vast range of colours and is just as strong and sturdy as granite. Another way to get fancy stone worktops on a budget is to use offcuts. Many stone merchants keep offcuts from larger pieces and because they’re usually an awkward size or shape, they’re often sold at hugely discounted prices. But another way to get the look is with laminate – it looks fantastic and although it won’t be as strong or sturdy as granite, it’ll give you the look you want on a budget.

Kitchen Cupboards

If you want to revamp your kitchen cupboards, there are a few things you can do. Generally, as long as the carcass of the cupboard is okay, you can just get away with buying new door and drawer fronts. Discount furniture retailers often sell these for a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can just paint them – for example, you can revamp a wooden kitchen by painting it in a pale white, cream or pastel hue. Take the doors off the hinges and paint off site before re-installing.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

The plumbing is often one of the most expensive parts of any kitchen, but you can replace the kitchen sink fairly cheaply, especially if you choose a sink that’s the same shape and size as your current sink as you won’t have to worry about re-cutting your worktops. Keep in mind scale when choosing your sink – something too small and you’ll find it hard to wash your dishes and too big and you’ll lose valuable worktop space.


One of the easiest ways to inject a little bit of life and colour into your kitchen without spending a fortune is to change the splashbacks. Glass splashbacks are the most expensive option, although they’ll add a glamorous look to the kitchen and will last for years to come. If you already have tiled splashbacks, you could either replace them with new tiles (it’s actually far cheaper to re-tile than you might think), or you could jazz them up with a little bit of tile paint.


One of the best options for kitchen flooring on a budget is lino. It has a bit of a bad reputation, but in the last five years, lino has had a bit of a stylish makeover. You can now buy luxurious linos in a vast range of styles and textures, including styles that mimic granite or stone tiles or wooden flooring. Lino is also really easy to maintain, especially when compared to tile or wooden flooring.

Source: Style at Home