Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

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We all take pride in our living room, kitchen and bathroom when there’s a chance they’ll be seen by guests visiting our house, but it’s so easy to neglect the areas that go mostly unseen like the bedroom. Yet it’s so important to create a space that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable to switch off from the world and get a great night’s sleep. You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a room that reflects your personality perfectly though – here are six easy ways to give your bedroom a makeover on a budget!


A tip that can apply to any room in the house, decluttering is the easiest and cheapest way to inject a breath of fresh air into your room. Go through your room and donate or sell anything that isn’t useful, meaningful or adding any aesthetic appeal and hide away all other clutter. You might want to pick up a stylish basket to hide away dirty washing and a few pretty tins to keep your dresser tidy too.

Get rid of the TV

TVs don’t add much in terms of aesthetics and research has shown that having one in your room isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep. Move yours to another room and try taking a book to the boudoir instead if you need a way to unwind before sleeping.

Bring your room to life

Literally. Houseplants help to generate oxygen and remove toxins from the air and they look great too. If you’re not particularly green-thumbed, go for plants such as cacti which require little effort to keep and are notoriously difficult to kill.

Change your sheets

There’s nothing like the feel of fresh bedding when you’re finally settling down to sleep so why not take it a step further and treat yourself to a new duvet cover for the upcoming season? Something as simple as a change in bedding can completely transform a room, especially if your walls are a plain white colour. Whether you want to mimic the seventies trend or just keep it simple with a girly floral pattern, a new duvet cover is instant (and cheap) chic.

Move around

You don’t need to be a feng shui master, but simply rearranging the furniture in your bedroom can make a huge difference to your space. Take some time to consider the placement of your furniture and how a shift around could maximise floor space and make the most of the room’s natural light. While you’re there, flip over your mattress too as it prevents it getting too worn on one side.

Get a handle on it

A great way to inject some quirky, expensive taste to your room is to replace your drawer handles with some new, more decorative choices. Drawer knobs can be found in all manner of DIY shops and websites and they don’t have to be boring – you’ll find them in a variety of patterns and colours so you can go as simple or crazy as you like!

7 Genius DIY Hacks for Your Home

Handmade house in a wood background

DIY is one of those things that you either love or you hate, and if you’re not a fan sprucing up your home can be a nightmare. Luckily we’ve rounded up these genius DIY hacks that transform your home and make you look like a decorating pro.

Washi tape picture frames

Washi tape is having a bit of a thing at the moment and as well as looking great, it can come in very handy if you’re renowned for hanging up wonky picture frames. Plus you’ll get the benefit of a unique and colourful frame with minimum cost and effort.

Untangled cables

You can spend hours painting and arranging furniture, but it’s not going to make much of a difference if you have power cords and wires cluttering up your floor space. It’s really easy to get them organised though – simply screw a binder clip to a desk and you can keep wires away from small children and curious pets.

Dry erase boards

Keep on top of all your household tasks and create some stylish artwork with a DIY memo board. Frame a scrap of fabric or wallpaper and use a dry erase marker to jot down appointment reminders, errands you still need to run and shopping lists. Then simply hang in the kitchen and you’re good to go!

Wine crate coffee tables

Coffee tables don’t come cheap, so why not transform an old wine crate into the centrepiece for your living room. Just a lick of paint and some varnish and it’s good to go! Simple, chic and you can get it on the rustic trend at a fraction of the cost!

Magnetic strips for hair clips

Anyone with long hair will know that bobby pins and hair clips seem to disappear into thin air no matter how hard you try to keep them stored away. A great solution for this is to install magnetic strips in your medicine cupboard to keep all of your hair clips in one place. Genius!

Shoe box dividers

We’re all guilty of throwing things into the drawers and forgetting about them until it’s a cluttered mess and you can’t find anything you need. But you don’t need to fork out on expensive drawer dividers from homeware stores to solve the problem – all you need to do it yourself is a pair of scissors and some shoe boxes. Simply cut the boxes in half by length or width and trim to the size needed for your space and then pop into the drawer. It couldn’t be easier!


Turn your house into Pinterest chic and keep your space free of clutter with pegboards. You can pick these up super cheap in DIY shops and then use them to keep necklaces, belts, sunglasses, scarves, bags and more neatly displayed. It’s a great way to show off your sartorial selection and you could even hang up a mirror next to everything so you can make sure you look great before you step out of the door.