DIY Tips: How to Make a Large Room Cosy

Small rooms are notoriously tricky to decorate – but larger rooms can be even more so. Too much furniture and the room will look like a junk stop. Too little and it’ll look like an empty loft space – so it’s really important that you get the balance right. Follow the interior design tips below for making a large room look cosy and take a look at this link for painting and wall covering supplies to help you achieve the space of your dreams.



  • Divide the space up into zones, so that the room doesn’t look like one big space. Instead, it should look like a number of smaller rooms without walls within the same area. Try freestanding shelving units as they’re a brilliant way to divide up the space, or use visual elements like different flooring or colours on the walls or even different lighting to divide the space. In a lounge, a sofa can act as a divide between two spaces – whatever the divide, it doesn’t have to be huge.
  • Give the space unity. When choosing furniture, make sure that it’s all the same colour and tone, and where possible, if you’re trying to create a feeling of coziness, use chunky wooden pieces. If you want to make the room look cosy, it’s important to fill it with large pieces of furniture that complement the space and the dimensions of the room – smaller pieces of furniture will just get swallowed up and will look a bit silly. Look for warmer colours and if you do want to use a neutral colour like beige, make sure that you choose a colour that is really warm and steer away from clinical whites and ice blues.
  • Add a focal point. The easiest way to make a room look cosy is to add a focal point – but please, please make sure that you don’t use your TV! The absolute best choice would be a real fire, but if it wouldn’t like right in your room, fake it by adding a modern electronic fire that hangs on the wall.
  • Look for wallpapers with textures and warm colours. Look for textures such as slightly embossed papers or flock papers with a velvety feel as they really help to make the space feel warmer.
  • To make a ceiling look lower and to make the room feel slightly smaller, paint it a shade or two darker than the walls. It won’t really be that noticeable to the naked eye, but it’ll trick your senses and will make the ceiling look slightly lower, emphasising the feeling of coziness.
  • Remember that you can get away with virtually any colour in a large space – don’t be afraid to splash some paint around. Deep red always looks beautiful with polished oak floors and beams, but you could use sage green, duck egg, zingy yellow or a deep aubergine hue instead and they’d all look fantastic.

Source: UKTV Home