How to Make a Rented Flat a Home for Less than £50

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We all know that its’ becoming more difficult than ever for young people in the UK to get on to the property ladder and the sad truth is that many of us are stuck with renting for the time being. But while you save up the cash for your first dream home you can still make the most of rented accommodation and put your own stamp on it for very little money. Here are a few little tips and tricks for sprucing up a rented flat for less than £50.

Streamline Your Storage

Now that spring is around the corner it’s a great time to declutter and sort out those drawers and corners that are a treasure trove of things you don’t remember buying and have no use for. For the things that aren’t as easy to get rid of, purchasing some new storage space instantly makes your flat look tidier and can add a pop of colour to your pad. Try IKEA for on-trend, budget storage solutions.

Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets are great for snuggling under when the weather isn’t so great and they’re also ideal for sprucing up a sofa that might have seen better days. Drape them over sofas and armchairs to instantly refresh your living room and give it a chic feel.

Replace Outdated Lampshades

A lot of rented apartments come complete with lampshades but they’re almost always bland, shabby and in need of a serious update. You can find cheap lampshades from shops such as Wilkos or IKEA and they will give your space a serious pick me up. For a modern touch why not try a patterned paper lampshade – they come in a variety of funky colours and patterns.

Give the Place a Lick of Paint

Be sure to check your landlord about this before you jump into decorating as some may not allow you to run riot with a tin of paint, but giving the walls a fresh lick of paint could be just what you need to give life to a tired apartment. You will have to stick with neutral colours in a rented place but it doesn’t have to be dull magnolia again – a light grey is very on trend and works with a variety of colour schemes. If your landlord won’t allow you to paint try adding colour in other ways through artworks or fabrics.

Get Crafty

It’s never been more popular to create your own designs and get crafty with your space so try browsing Pinterest for ideas on DIY projects to give your space a boost. Some ideas we’ve come across range from easy canvas prints and garlands to more difficult projects such as upcycling and building furniture.

Raid Charity Shops

On a similar note, become a regular at your local charity shops and antique stores as they will often have gems in them from furniture to small trinkets for much less than the standard homeware store. You can be sure you’re getting something that nobody else will have too.

Interior Design Tips For Your Home

Wohnzimmer und Esszimmer mit einem gedeckten Frhstckstisch

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, a few, small modifications can make a huge impact. In order to get your home looking beautifully welcoming and cosy (especially ready for winter), here are some interior design tips that will make a world of difference.

Small Rooms, Light Colours

When you’re looking at which rooms to paint, and with which colour scheme, be sure to keep any small rooms in soft, light shades. Painting them in dark colours will immediately make your rooms appear smaller than they already are. Introduce a light, spacious feeling by lifting the colour scheme.


Another great method of introducing space and light is by hanging mirrors around the house. The mirrors reflect the light from within your house around your room, and the image within the mirror creates the illusion of extra space. Give it a try.

Mixture Of Textures

Tell a story throughout your home. Combine a mixture of textures, objects, antiques, and modern decorations to create a house that has personality. Don’t worry about keeping everything within the same spectrum. A mixture of different things works well.


One of the greatest assets that your home can have is fantastic storage. Storage is what is going to nicely declutter your home, making it feel more open and clean. Introducing plenty of storage solutions will make your life much easier. Find prime, out of the way spots to organise your stuff.


Wherever you can, fill your home with plants. This will really bring life to tired rooms and instantly give your home a bit of a natural facelift. They will also clear the air, pumping out oxygen and removing pollutants.

Kitchen Pots

Install a rack from your kitchen ceiling, so you can hang up pots and pans with ease. This will make extra space in your cupboards for other things. It also looks fairly elegant, as well as being practical. It’s surprisingly easy to DIY this, and it makes for a great feature in your home.

Painted Bookcases

If your room needs a special pop of colour, in order to brighten it up, painting your bookcase is a quick win. A coat of paint anywhere unexpected almost always has a novel and charming effect in your home. Bookcases are also great because you don’t have a massive surface area to cover.

Plush Rugs

Rugs are an ideal way to add new textures and warmth to a room. They work best on hard surface, such as laminate wood, to soften the unforgiving floor, but they can work pretty much anywhere. Especially in the cooler months, you’ll want something warmer to put your feet on. You can choose a pattern, colour, and texture that will suit your home, but there’s nothing quite like a plush pile rug to sink your toes into.

What are your favourite ways to spruce up a home? Let us know in the comments what you do to make your house more visually impressive.

14 Ways Make Your Home Look Like A Million Dollars

Grostadtapartment - city loft

Paint Everything

When your home is looking a bit worse for wear, there’s almost nothing that a splash of paint can’t solve. Paint any worn furniture, to give it a new lease on life. Make your ceilings look grander and larger by only half painting your walls (or ¾ of the way up).

Add Tab Curtains To Ugly Shelving

Especially if you have kids, you will have shelves full of junk that you don’t really want to be on display in your home. Tab curtains will easily solve this, if you can construct a rail above the shelves.

Know How To Place A Rug

When it comes to buying a rug for your home, go big or don’t bother. Large rugs make a room look larger and more luxurious. Choose something plush and find a central location for it.

Frame Your TV

This will only really work if you have a wall-mounted flatscreen, but framing it in an ornate, thick frame will make that slightly ugly piece of equipment melt beautifully into the décor. It also sometimes looks like you’re watching a moving picture, which is kind of cool!

Add Tassels

Tassels are a great asset. Add them to your bedskirt, or use them to tie back your curtains. It adds an element of luxury.

Cake Stands

Move any unused cake stands into the bathroom (you may want to paint them first); they provide a surprisingly gorgeous platform for any handsoaps and flannels that you don’t want cluttering up your sink.

Curtain Rods

Mounting curtain rods above your bed and attaching wispy curtains will create a beautiful canopy, and make your room look more sophisticated.

Make Windows Look Bigger

Add a curved shower curtain rod to the wall above your window and hang up your curtains. It somehow makes your window look much bigger!

Plank Walls

Mounting planks against one of your bathroom walls and painting them gives the room a rustic feel; it will cost you very little money too!

Less Is More

When it comes to the shelves in your living room, less is always more. Artfully show off some of the most aesthetically pleasing items that you own, but store the rest of your stuff somewhere out of sight.

Bold, Focal Art

Every room needs an artistic focal point. Don’t be afraid to hang something bold that really attracts the eye.


Instead of choosing cut flowers (which inevitably die), go for potted plants throughout your rooms. They last much longer and provide lovely blooms around your house.

Charity Shops

You never know what you’re going to find in charity shops. You may not find anything at all, but keeping an eye out can mean that you snap up an absolute steal (something that would cost you hundreds of pounds brand new).


Candles at night time create a charming ambience and warm up the rooms around your home. Invest in a few huge tapers!

DIY Tips: How to Make Your Home More Grown-Up

We all have one or two items in our homes that don’t reflect who we are now. Maybe we’ve hung onto them for nostalgic reasons or simply because we’ve gotten so used to them that we’ve almost forgotten they were there. If you’re longing for a more grown-up space and want your home to feel more luxurious, follow our guide and take a look at this link for painting tools.



  • If you have a futon or a sofa bed in your living room, swap it out and put it into a spare bedroom instead. You’ll spend more time in your living room than in your bedroom (depending on how you spend your evenings…) and so it’s important to show your bum so love with a soft, squishy sofa that you can just sink into. Let your guests enjoy the futon instead.
  • Temporary furniture – things like plasticky shelving units in the bathroom, textile wardrobes or hanging rails in the bedroom, or even your odd collection of furniture from family and friends that you were given because you couldn’t afford anything else, looks just that: temporary. As though you’re waiting for something better to come along. So, if you can afford to, invest in either a new set of furniture or at least some classical pieces that you’ll be able to use in different spaces and different homes.
  • If you’re a lover of art or film and have a selection of posters taped onto your walls, you don’t need to get rid of them completely – just frame them and put them on display properly. For a modern look, you could choose matte black frames but for a slightly quirkier look, use a random selection of vintage frames.
  • It sounds silly, but small rugs just look like postage stamps in rooms of virtually all sizes. A large rug will really anchor the room and will help to accentuate hardwood floors or laminate without overpowering it. Choose a rug with a really nice texture that you can just sink your feet into after a long day at work.
  • Cheap bedding looks just that – cheap. It tends not to wash that well, either, losing any softness it might have once had and becoming scratchy and irritating. Invest in some decent bedding with a higher thread count and you’ll immediately notice the difference in terms of appearance and how well you sleep, too.
  • It’s all well and good having plastic dishware, but you need to make sure that it isn’t your only set. If you live somewhere that’s hot and sunny and you spend a lot of time eating outdoors, you might want to use plastic dishes – the same goes if you have children. But if not, your main dishware set should be crockery.
  • Any empty space that looks a bit bland and boring – like the top of a mantelpiece or a bookshelf with only one or two books on it will simply look like you’ve either neglected the space or that you couldn’t work out what else to do with it. Use candles, candlesticks, photographs, mirrors and accessories to jazz up those empty spaces and make your room look complete.

Source: House Beautiful

DIY Tips: 2014 Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom design can be tricky. But you can revamp your bedroom into a chic, glam space, or a restful, relaxing haven by taking inspiration from some of 2014’s hottest bedroom design ideas. To help you get started, take a look at this link for painting and wall covering supplies.



Today’s Moroccan-inspired bedroom uses calming and soothing shades of blue, navy and crisp white, instead of warm hues that you’d normally associate with Morocco. A bright white background provides the perfect background to let bright blue cushions, throws and bedlinens really pop. Opt for white furniture, too, if you’re trying to keep to a budget, or paint your existing wooden furniture white – that way you can use it in the future with a different colour scheme. Choose zig-zag and ornate geometric patterns in navy and cobalt blue, with silver metalwork trays and small ornate lamps to finish the look.


A twist on the classic country/vintage theme, this year, the rustic look uses more industrial-inspired accessories and furniture, to add edge and interest to the look. Use soft, neutral colours on the walls and floors – an off-white on the walls and pale wooden flooring or pale painted floorboards. Add colour using dark navy, taupe and chocolate brown, and look for antique or reclaimed furniture, such as an old oak dressing table or metal trunks that you can use as bedside tables. For accessories, look for products made from raw materials, such as lamps from steel or cushions covered in simple brushed linen. Materials with elegant letter motifs or antique clocks will keep the look contemporary.


Take inspiration from some of the coolest Danish dramas on TV and create a modern, contemporary space. This look is all about the accessories, with a stark, pared back feel that we’ve all come to associate with Danish dramas and literature. Paint the walls a warm grey hue and choose a pale colour for the floor. You could use carpeting, if you like, although pale wooden flooring will keep the look sleek. For your furniture, opt for pared back black or white furniture with a modern feel – look for sharp edges, unusual shapes and quirky features. Accessorise the room with cool, quirky bedlinens and some of this year’s coolest colours – bright orange and cobalt blue. Black and white photography printed linens, cushions and throws are all the rage, while geometric patterns will liven up the space a treat. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, either – this look shouldn’t be matchy-matchy.

Pretty Pink

Pink can be a bit girly for a bedroom, but in this scheme, Oriental patterns, textures and furniture team up to create a pretty look that isn’t stereotypically “Oriental”. Choose minimalist furniture, paint walls in a blush rose hue or hang intricate patterned wallpaper. Bamboo will add warmth to the look while paper lanterns will add drama.

Source: UKTV Home

DIY Tips: Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Learn how to create the perfect tranquil guest bedroom by following our top decorating tips – and if you need to do some work, take a look at this link for building materials to help you get the job done. Your friends and family will all be desperate to stay at your house!


Spend the Night

Spend the night in your guest bedroom and you’ll be able to identify any problems. See if it’s noisy in the morning, whether there’s anything you’d change and make sure that the curtains and blinds don’t let in too much bright sunlight first thing in the morning. Figure out what you’d be looking for in a guestroom, then add it to your guestroom. Easy peasy!

Think Calm and Restful

When you’re choosing decor or trying to figure out how to decorate, think calm and restful. Look for neutral tones – pale beige, blues and sage greens are always lovely. Tone in with plenty of cosy-looking fabrics that make you want to snuggle up – soft faux fur throws for the end of the bed, plenty of cushions and soft, squishy pillows and a duvet. Experiment with textures and colours, but don’t go too bold – you want the space to be cosy, snug and perfect for getting your guests off to sleep.

Banish Clutter

Although many of us tend to use our spare bedroom as a bit of a dumping ground, when you have guests, it’s really important to shift everything out of the room – or to at least find a home for everything. Declutter the spare room by putting everything into cupboards or drawers or shove it all into a different room when your guests come over.

Add Accessible Lights

If your guests don’t know the layout of your home, make sure that you provide plenty of accessible lighting for use in the middle of the night. Add a bedside lamp at the very least, and if you have space, provide a floor lamp too – floor lamps are really lovely positioned over a chair and a bookcase, providing your guests with a lovely little spot to read or check their emails before bed. Also, make sure that the bedside lamp can be easily reached from the bed – you don’t want your guests tripping over the bed in the middle of the night trying to reach the light switch on the wall.

Provide a Mirror

You don’t want your guests to have to fight over the bathroom mirror with your children first thing in the morning, so make sure that you provide a private mirror. A dressing table with a cute mirror and a little stool is lovely, but if you don’t have space for a full dressing table, just put a mirror inside the wardrobe or on the back of the door. Install some hooks, too, and if you’re feeling really kind, provide a soft fluffy dressing gown.

Source: UKTV Home

DIY Tips: Key Living Room Trends for 2014

This year, we’re seeing some fabulous new living room trends. Here, we tell you what’s in, what’s not and how to achieve the look in your very own home. Read on for some of the hottest trends and take a look at this link for painting and decorating materials to help you get the job done.


Art Deco

Inspired by glamorous Hollywood homes of the 1920s, art deco is one of the biggest and boldest trends of 2014. Floorboards should be stained dark brown or even black – for this look, the darker the floorboards the better. Look for geometric print fabrics on cushions and chairs, or for geometric-shaped ornaments. Key colours include grey, mustard and turquoise and for fabrics, look for natural materials. Metallic furniture or fabrics with a slight sheen also work well with this look.

Mad Men

This trend is totally inspired by Mad Men. Keep flooring or carpets dark brown in colour and paint walls a rich, bright yellow – not too muddy and not too mustardy. Add beech furniture and look for pieces with either tapered legs or gently curving edges. Grey works well with the yellow and brown hues, so look for grey sofas and chairs. Finish the look off with plenty of cushions in a range of geometric patterns and for fun, add a starburst or mosaic mirror to one wall.


Pared-back style is big news for 2014, so choose a range of au-naturel colours and fabrics for a subtle, stylish look. Choose oatmeal-coloured fabrics made from all-natural fibres and look for plenty of contrasting textures – they help to add richness and depth to a room without making it look too fussy. Look for striped linen cushions in neutral hues, and complete the look using plenty of chunky wooden furniture, wicker baskets and if you like, by adding a few contrasting colours – sage green and pale duck egg blue work particularly well in this kind of look when teamed with the oatmeal.

Super Pale Pastels

Pastels can look a little bit too sugary-sweet, but if you choose pastels that are very, very pale, they’ll look just right. Look for the lightest blush of pink, the palest baby blue and the creamiest shades of beige then complete the look with touches of natural wood and the merest hint of copper. Very pale grey also looks wonderful. Try not to interfere with these colors too much – only a little bit of pattern is needed as if you use too much, the whole room will look entirely overdone.


This modern take on antique chic uses pared-back, minimalist furniture and quirky, Victorian-inspired accessories and paintings. Frame your favourite modernist images in a golden gilded frame, and add cushions patterned with stopwatches and top hats. Use luxurious fabrics to contrast with the minimalist furniture and finish the look with the requisite decorative globes or an old-fashioned telephone or two.

Source: UKTV Home


DIY Tips: 4 Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room

Want to update your living room? You can totally change the look of a room in just a day by following these decorating tips. Take a look at the tips below to transform your living space and check out this link for painting and wallpapering supplies to help you get the job done.


Choose a Fabric You Love

The easiest way to come up with a colour palette for your living room is to keep your eye out for a fabric or a pattern that you love. Maybe you’ve spotted a cushion that you really love, or you’ve found a decoration or mirror that you like. Whatever it is – or whatever the fabric – buy it. You can figure out how to use it later on – whether you turn it into curtains, cushions, pillows or a throw. Whatever you choose, it’ll form the basis of your decor and you can easily pull colours from it to create a theme.

Dress Up the Room with Pattern

Patterned fabrics are an easy and effective way to dress up any space. Use patterned fabrics to cover pillows, cushions or even an entire sofa. Cover panels of a screen with patterned fabric to introduce pattern to your room – and if you change your mind, you can just re-cover it or put the screen into a different room. It’s a great way to experiment with pattern without using patterned wallpaper. If you’re wary of florals or flocks, experiment using stripes instead – they’re geometric, graphic and very modern, a fantastic way to pull colours together without overwhelming the room with pattern.

Make sure that you consider scale when you’re using patterns. Large scale patterns can add dimension when you use them on just one area of the room, like an armchair or on one feature wall. In a very small living room though, large pattern on all of the rooms will simply dwarf the space. Small patterns, on the other hand, can make a larger room seem a little cosier, so they’re great for use in large spaces or if you want to add a delicate look to an armchair or set of cushions.

Add New Textures

One of the easiest ways to revamp the whole look and feel of a room is to use lots of different textures. Soft, strokable faux fur throws are a brilliant way to add a homely feel to a room, while suede, leather, oak, sheepskins and silks are all really lovely, too. Layers of different textures will add interest to the space, and the more luxurious textures you have in the room, the more luxurious the space will feel.

Make Sure Everything Works Together

When you’ve introduced your new textures, colours, fabrics and accessories, take a step back and look at the room objectively. Do all of the patterns work together? Have you used too many accessories? For your room to look fabulous, it needs to have balance – not too much of one colour, not too much of one pattern, and not too much of one fabric. Remember that less is usually more, so if you need to, break up large blocks of colour or textures by using neutral tones and use things like your sofa or your dining table as a canvas for colourful or patterned accessories – the neutral tones of the sofa will be the perfect backdrop to your patterned cushions.

Source: BBC