Tips to Help You Improve Absolutely Any Room in Your Home

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If you are looking to do a little bit of home decorating in order to spruce up the place in which you live, you will already know about the frankly ridiculous wealth of choices and options that lie in wait. You will have a lot of decisions to make!

And with so much at stake – after all, you don’t want an awful looking living room – you really do want to make sure that you get it right first hand. Sometimes, you’ll want to scrap everything and start over from scratch, while at others, you might be more interested in just improving a room in a small way.

Whatever it is that you’re after, you should know that there are some principles that all professional home designers will always follow, and for good reason: they work. Here are some of those principles; you can use them as you want in order to improve any room of your choosing!

Pick Paint Penultimately

So it might make sense from an effort required sort of standpoint to paint the walls first – after all, this will allow you to have it all ready for the furniture. There is a certain amount of logic there.

However, we are going to recommend that you do the exact opposite. Don’t worry; we’ve not gone mad! Here is the reason why you should paint last: you will get to see what the room looks like with all your furniture inside it, and can therefore pick the paint colour to match.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different shades to choose from, and many of these will jar with your furniture. You can only get a good match once your room is laid out as you want it, so why not wait to pick a properly complementary colour?

The Right Height

You would be surprised at just how much difference a piece of art can make to a room. And it can make an even bigger difference if you hang it at the right height!

Take a leaf from an art gallery’s book, and hang your paintings with the centre at eye level – the centre line should be roughly 5 feet from the floor. Even if you have tremendously high ceilings, keep the pictures at this level; it will look much better.

Hocus Pocus with Focus

Having a single focal point in your living room can really work a bit of magic. Your focal point will act as an anchor, drawing all eyes to it and lending its aesthetic powers to the rest of the room.

There are plenty of options here. Think of a major piece of artwork or a beautiful fireplace in the living room, but don’t feel confined: the choice is always yours. And you needn’t stick to the living room either – a fancy headboard can work wonders in the bedroom, or a centrepiece cooker in the kitchen. Think big!

Our Top Ten Amazing Home Décor Tricks

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If you are looking for some simple but amazing tricks to make your home décor a little more stylish and a whole lot more unique, then you have come to the right place (or post).

Here are our favourite tricks, straight from the mouths of interior decorators. Why not give them a try and see what they can do to your home?

Add Custom Graphics to Your Furniture

Do you have light coloured furniture in the living room? Do you have a flair for the artistic? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’ll love this trick.

All you need is a good permanent marker, a non-slip metal ruler, and a steady hand. Start off with some throw cushion covers first if you’re a bit worried about making mistakes.

Practise your patterns on some paper, and once you’ve found a design you’re happy with, you can go wild on the cushion covers. If you’re a little scared about going freehand, use that ruler to make some nice geometric patterns. Stripes and checks look great!

Open up Your Cabinets

If you have some free-standing cabinets in the home, you can easily glam them up. First of all, remove the doors from your cabinets, then get to painting the inside in some nice neutral shade.

Pin up a small piece of artwork at the back of the cabinet to use as a backdrop for your items. As for the items themselves, pick a theme and run with it – we like a nice, uncluttered collection of glassware, or a range of porcelain or similarly coloured earthenware.

Go for Space

Everyone knows that mirrors are a good way of making a room seem bigger. That much is common knowledge. But why not use this trick in a different way?

Hang a large, full length mirror on the wall. After you’ve done this, push a small table into the alcove until it is flush against the mirror. Lastly, go for broke with a focal piece – think a large bouquet of flowers or an impressive table lamp – this will add to the look.

Fake Some Built-In Cabinets

If you want to make it look like your room came with some fantastic built-in cabinets, there is a surprisingly easy way to do this.

All you need to do is to get the cabinets and tuck them into tight spaces like a corner or an alcove. Now all you have to do is to paint them so that they match the walls. Hey presto! – they look like they’ve always been there.

And there are a couple more things you can to if you want to make the illusion even more convincing. First off, get some trimboard from your local DIY store. You can add this to the cabinet doors so that they sync up perfectly with the architectural aesthetic of the walls.

Secondly, if you chose to go the dual cabinet route, consider doing something bold like mounting a desk to the wall between the two. This will make the whole thing cohesive, looking like a bit set-piece.

14 Ways Make Your Home Look Like A Million Dollars

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Paint Everything

When your home is looking a bit worse for wear, there’s almost nothing that a splash of paint can’t solve. Paint any worn furniture, to give it a new lease on life. Make your ceilings look grander and larger by only half painting your walls (or ¾ of the way up).

Add Tab Curtains To Ugly Shelving

Especially if you have kids, you will have shelves full of junk that you don’t really want to be on display in your home. Tab curtains will easily solve this, if you can construct a rail above the shelves.

Know How To Place A Rug

When it comes to buying a rug for your home, go big or don’t bother. Large rugs make a room look larger and more luxurious. Choose something plush and find a central location for it.

Frame Your TV

This will only really work if you have a wall-mounted flatscreen, but framing it in an ornate, thick frame will make that slightly ugly piece of equipment melt beautifully into the décor. It also sometimes looks like you’re watching a moving picture, which is kind of cool!

Add Tassels

Tassels are a great asset. Add them to your bedskirt, or use them to tie back your curtains. It adds an element of luxury.

Cake Stands

Move any unused cake stands into the bathroom (you may want to paint them first); they provide a surprisingly gorgeous platform for any handsoaps and flannels that you don’t want cluttering up your sink.

Curtain Rods

Mounting curtain rods above your bed and attaching wispy curtains will create a beautiful canopy, and make your room look more sophisticated.

Make Windows Look Bigger

Add a curved shower curtain rod to the wall above your window and hang up your curtains. It somehow makes your window look much bigger!

Plank Walls

Mounting planks against one of your bathroom walls and painting them gives the room a rustic feel; it will cost you very little money too!

Less Is More

When it comes to the shelves in your living room, less is always more. Artfully show off some of the most aesthetically pleasing items that you own, but store the rest of your stuff somewhere out of sight.

Bold, Focal Art

Every room needs an artistic focal point. Don’t be afraid to hang something bold that really attracts the eye.


Instead of choosing cut flowers (which inevitably die), go for potted plants throughout your rooms. They last much longer and provide lovely blooms around your house.

Charity Shops

You never know what you’re going to find in charity shops. You may not find anything at all, but keeping an eye out can mean that you snap up an absolute steal (something that would cost you hundreds of pounds brand new).


Candles at night time create a charming ambience and warm up the rooms around your home. Invest in a few huge tapers!