What You Need to Know About Car Sharing

There have been car pooling lanes in major cities for years, and now, there are car pooling, car sharing and lift sharing sites to make sharing your car much, much easier than ever before. Match your ride to someone going the same way, or pop to the shops with someone else who wants to do their grocery shopping at the same time by signing up to a car rental or car sharing site and you’ll soon find that it’s actually one of the most exciting and interesting ways to travel – you get to meet someone new, potentially make a new friend and save money, whilst also doing your bit to save the planet. Learn everything you need to know about car sharing below.


  • Car sharing works much the same as hitching a taxi. You can either call people that you’ve pooled with in the past, or when you’re ready to ride, put out a request – people who are local can come and pick you up. Alternatively, if you know that you’re going out, plan in advance. There are loads of ways to car share and you can download an app, send an email, or arrange through a website depending on whats easiest for you
  • Not only does car sharing reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment, but it helps to reduce stress – driving everyday can be very stressful and being a passenger, at least for a few trips a week, can really improve your mood
  • Most car sharing sites arrange insurance, so that you don’t have to worry about cover, but if you’re unsure or if this is not stipulated then you’ll need to speak to your insurer to make sure that you’d be covered in the event of an accident or incident
  • It sounds obvious, but don’t swap personal information over the internet and arrange to meet for the first time in a public place just to make sure that you’re both safe
  • Set the ground rules before you meet up, for example, where you’ll meet, what you’ll do if one or the other is late, whether you’re comfortable with texts/phone calls, and how much the sharer will contribute to the journey/toll costs. You should also figure out whether or not you can eat and drink in the car, as well as smoke – some drivers are a little bit funny about the habits of other people in their car so it’s important that you always ask first! All costs should be agreed upon before travel and most companies will recommend a percentage that drivers should charge, which typically hovers around 50%

Source: Car Sharing IE

Reviews: Rentruck Rochdale

You might have noticed, if you’ve been following our review section, that we’re a bit of a fan of car hire – after all, you get to drive the car of your dreams for a day without a hefty price tag. But Rentruck Rochdale are a little bit different – they hire trucks, cars and vans for any and every event or job. All of their fleet are serviced and valeted regularly, which means that you’re pretty much guaranteed an excellent drive all for a very reasonable price.


About Rentruck Rochdale

Not many companies can say they’ve been running for over 50 years – never mind 90 years. But Rentruck can. With over 90 years of experience renting cars, vans and trucks, they’re a leader in the field and know pretty much everything there is to know about the rental experience from start to finish, meaning that the customer is most definitely in safe hands.

Making a Hire

Whether you need to hire a refrigerated van for a job, or need a replacement car after being in an accident, Rentruck can help. From a small Vauxhall Corsa perfect for nipping around town in to a swanky Audi saloon, they have a rather large fleet for a company that covers only a local area – which is excellent news for their customers. They also have a range of vans and refrigerated vehicles in a number of sizes to suit every budget and every job. To make a hire, click on Fleet at the top of their home page and choose which type of vehicle you want to hire – car, van or refrigerated vehicle. Have a look through what’s on offer and once you’ve made your choice, you can either click on the Book Now link or give them a call. The hire price includes insurance, breakdown cover and a fully serviced and valeted vehicle. As a bonus, if you already have fully comprehensive insurance, they’ll drop the price of the hire by 30%. This is really unusual, actually, as many hire car companies will insist that you need their insurance too so it’s nice to see that Rentruck are actually helping people save money. Their hire prices are also very inexpensive, and you can choose to hire for a day, a week or on a short-term lease if that’s more convenient. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, give them a call and they can do everything from sorting out the solicitor to supplying the replacement vehicle – a similar vehicle to your own so that you won’t be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by your hire car!

Reviews: Budget UK

Budget UK is one of the UK’s largest car hire providers, with over 3,100 locations across the world in 120 different countries, giving their customers access to a huge fleet of vehicles. They’re a brand that is recognised globally, with locations across the world, including America and a number of European countries. Wherever you are in the world, Budget Car Rental is committed to finding you the perfect car at the perfect price, at some of the very best rates that we’ve seen on the market.


About Budget

Budget have long been known as one of the cheapest car hire providers, but that doesn’t mean that you get less for your money. Their aim is to provide you with the most value for the least amount of money. They offer a range of payment plans, including pre-payment plans so that your bill is paid off before you travel, as well as a number of discounts and offers that provide savings if you book early, for longer periods of time or for business purposes. From time to time, they’ll also offer discounts if you book and pay online of up to 25% and there is also the occasional flash sale for different locations around the world.

Making a Hire

Hiring a car is fairly simple. Just click on “Get a Quote” at the top of the page, then choose where you want to make the hire from (airport or city) and the date and time that you want to hire the vehicle to or from. You’ll then be shown a list of vehicles that are available for your chosen times and dates and you can then narrow your choice down a little bit further. There’s just one catch – you must be over 23 to hire a car and drivers under the age of 25 may well have to pay a surcharge. You can hire everything from a small sports car to a huge 8-seater family wagon – just ask or specify before checkout. If you don’t know what you’re after, or what you want from the hire, you can either email them or just give them a quick call and their friendly team will be able to offer help and advice.

Managing the Booking

Once you’ve made the booking, everything else can be done fairly quickly, depending on the vehicle and package that you’ve chosen. You could pick up or drop off your rental car, or, they can deliver to you too, which means that you get a shiny new hire car without having to leave the house!

Great Escape Car Hire Review

It seems like we review a lot of car hire companies here at Hire Jungle, but Great Escape Classic Car Hire is definitely one of the most unique! With the largest fleet of classic, vintage vehicles in the UK, Great Escape offer a vast range of classic and performance motors in several convenient locations throughout the UK.

great escape

Great Escape Classic Car Hire was founded in 2006 by classic car lovers Graham and Janine Eason to make renting a vintage car, easy, fun and most importantly, affordable, with prices starting from just £95. Great Escape is now the UK’s biggest classic car hire company with locations around the UK, either operated by Great Escape staff or by like-minded enthusiasts who hire their cars out through GE.


Great Escape put a huge amount of work into pricing their cars. At least 35% of the hire cost goes straight back into maintaining the fleet of vehicles, ensuring a high level of reliability. All hire prices are fully inclusive, meaning that the price displayed is the price paid, including breakdown cover. Hire packages include: full 24 hours use of the vehicle (not just AM to PM), 150 miles per day (unless otherwise stated or agreed before the hire), parking for your own vehicle, an 18-point check of the vehicle before the hire, local rail and airport pick-up, insurance, breakdown cover, carbon off-setting, a leather-bound in-vehicle information pack and a vehicle familiarisation tour.

Packages and Hires


Great Escape offer two hire packages, whether you want to self-drive the vehicle or be driven. The self-drive package is outlined in detail above, and the chauffeur package provides much of the same benefits – but all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury of your classic car.

There are also a range of gift vouchers if you’re looking for a gift for a classic car enthusiast. Buy a specific gift voucher for a certain car, day and time, or buy a gift voucher for any value that you like so that your recipient can choose the perfect car for them. There are also regular Classic Car Rallies throughout the year – the perfect gift or day out for anyone who loves classic cars, including breakfast, lunch and the chance to drive five classic cars on some of the best roads in Britain.

Great Escape also cater corporate events, giving workers the opportunity to network and chat whilst driving some fantastic vehicles. The general format of the day will be for drivers to take turns navigating and driving the vehicles, swapping vehicles along the route, stopping for lunch halfway through the day – but there is a huge amount of scope to adapt the day to suit your requirements.

Whether you want to hire a car for a weekend away in the Cotswolds, self-drive a vintage motor to your wedding or take a spin on a rally day, Great Escape Classic Car Hire can help.

Holiday Autos Review

Holiday Autos is the largest leading international car hire broker. Established in 1987, Holiday Autos brings together deals and offers from some of the best-known car hire companies, including Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt. Whether you need to hire a car to take you from the airport to your home, or you want to hire a car for a month or even longer, Holiday Autos can help.


The Hire Process

Simply type in the city or airport location that you want to hire from, as well as how long you want to hire the car for and you’ll be given a huge list of cars that are available to hire from that period. You can then filter the results more by choosing the number of passengers that will travel, the number of doors on the car, the number of suitcases that you’ll be travelling with and more. You can also filter by car group, so if you’d prefer to travel in a small, compact car, you can filter the selection to reflect that, making the whole process super simple!

Worldwide Cover

Wherever you are in the world, Holiday Autos will be able to find a car hire company in your area. With locations across Europe, including Malaga, Switzerland and Toulouse, locations up and down the UK in all major cities and at most major airports, America, Australia, Canada, South Africa and even New Zealand, Holiday Autos can broker the perfect deal for you in almost 30,000 locations across the world.


Holiday Autos pride themselves on being the first car hire broker to offer fully inclusive car hire – that means no hidden charges, no hidden fees and no hidden extras. You’ll pay just one price and won’t be charged for anything else. Alternatively, you can also choose from a vast range of added extras, including adding an additional driver, air conditioning and heating, child seats, additional cover and much more. Most vehicles come with tax, collision damage waiver, third party liability protection, theft waiver, unlimited mileage, airport costs and breakdown cover as standard. All you have to do is add fuel – and all they ask is that the vehicle be returned with a full fuel tank. GPS systems, snow chains, snow tyres and ski racks can also be included in the booking should you be travelling somewhere cold or remote!

There are also no credit card fees as well as a rather good 48 hour cancellation policy, free amendments and alterations and free 24/7 telephone support. For the latest discounts and special offers, there is also a newsletter. Customers can also choose special offers like queue jumping and key-free hiring, depending on the company that the vehicle is hired with – and with a choice of 800 suppliers, Holiday Autos are committed to keeping prices low.

Season Car Hire Review

Season car hire is one of the top car hire companies in the UK. They’ve been trading since 2006 and are based in London, although they service the whole of the UK. Season’s offer a huge range of prestige, luxury cars and pride themselves on owning the whole of their fleet. They offer a range of hire plans too, including one day and three day hire, pay as you drive and airport drop off. With cars suitable for everyday family use, as well as high-end luxury supercars available for your special day, Season car hire really have got everything covered.


The Hire Process

The process of hiring a car with Season car hire couldn’t be any easier. Using the form at the top of the home page, simply choose your pick up location, date and time, the return date and time and the most convenient drop-off location. Season car hire will then provide you with a list of cars available for your chosen time and date, as well as unavailable cars for that date. They’ll also let you know when the unavailable cars will next be available – handy for if you have your eye on something special! Next, you simply provide them with your personal data and pay for your hire, then wait for your car to arrive. It’s that simple!


Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off and pick up is simple too. Season car hire will deliver your car to anywhere in the UK, even though they’re based in London. With three dedicated car transporters, Season’s can drop off or pick up up to nine vehicles in one go, so whether you’re hiring one car for a special day or a fleet for a television shoot, they’ll be able to help. They can even deliver cars to most of the major UK airports and can pick them up from wherever is most convenient for you.

Pay As You Drive

Perfect for customers who hire supercars regularly but never use the full mileage allowance, Season car hire have recently introduced their exclusive Pay As You Drive scheme, offering supercars at half the price with a 25 mile driving allowance. Additional miles are then charged on top. You can also book cars with a set amount of mileage, and pay before you drive – which means no nasty surprises when you drop the car back. Season car hire will also look over the vehicle with you before and after the hire to ensure that there is no damage and each and every vehicle is fitted with an incredibly accurate mileometer so that you can keep tabs on your mileage, meaning that you always know exactly what you’re paying for.

Whatever your hire car needs, Season car hire has the vehicle for you – all topped off with fantastic customer service.

Sixt Car Hire Review

Sixt car hire is one of the fastest-growing car hire companies across Europe. They’re an international company, offering their services in over 4,000 locations across 105 countries. With a range of cars in their expansive fleets, from practical 7 seater family cars to vans, small economy vehicles and even limousines, they really have thought of everything.


Sixt have a huge number of branches up and down the country – making them the go-to hire car company wherever you are in the country. With 20 London van and car rental locations alone, they also provide car hire from some of the UK’s biggest and busiest airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted. They also offer hire car in cities throughout the UK, including Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds plus many more – wherever you are in the UK, you won’t be too far from Sixt Car Hire!

If you’re looking to hire a car abroad, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sixt have offices throughout Europe in popular tourist hotspots like Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Tenerife – and they even have rental spots in America, too. To help you on your journey, they also offer a number of driving regulation guides for countries all over the world.

Hiring a car with Sixt is incredibly easy. Go to their homepage, then simply input your pickup location and date and drop-off location and date. A huge range of cars will then be displayed, ranging from vehicles on the budget end of the scale right through to the priciest. Each price displayed is exactly what you pay – no hidden costs or charges, the price includes 300 free miles (you’ll pay just 6p per additional mile), loss damage waiver, third party insurance, registration and road tax. You can also choose additional extras, such as a SatNav, baby seat, car seat, booster seat, tire and windscreen protection or an additional driver. You can also choose to lower the excess on the loss damage waiver by paying a little bit extra, and you can choose whether to pay up front or on arrival.


Sixt also offer a range of optional extras for loyal or regular customers. The Sixt Express card lets you jump queues, picking up the keys to your hire car as soon as you arrive at the hire location – or to go straight to the front of the queue should you not have booked your hire car in advance. There’s also an automated check-in option if you’re an Express card holder – all you have to do is input your details and the keys will be given to you via a secure safe, a little like a vending machine, letting you grab and go. If you’re hiring a car from an airport, tell them your flight details and they’ll make sure that the car is waiting the second you get off the plane – meaning that you don’t have to hang around.

Wherever you are in the world, hiring a car is easy with Sixt.