DIY Tips: How to Measure for Blinds

Learn how to measure for blinds, shop-bought or homemade, with this simple guide. Take a look at this guide for measuring tools and sensors to help you get the job done.


Things You’ll Need:

  • pencil and paper
  • measuring tape (metal)
  • stepladder

Measure the Window Recess

If the window has a recess ā€“ which means that it is not flush with the wall and instead has a windowsill ā€“ you’ll need to measure it so that the blind sits neatly inside the recess. Measure the width of the recess, from the edge of the window to the edge of the recess, three times in three different places and jot down the smallest measurement. Do the same for the length of the recess and jot down the smallest measurement again.

Measure the Width of the Window

If the window doesn’t have a recess, you’ll have to measure the width instead. Measure the width of the window itself and allow an extra 5cm either side to really block the light out. If the window has mouldings, measure from moulding to moulding so that the blind sits flush with the edges.

Fix the Blind Brackets to the Window

The brackets that you use to support the blind can either be fixed to a wooden batten screwed into place around 4-5cm away from the top edge of the window, or fixed right to the window if it is wide enough and flat enough. Once you’ve fixed the bracket into place, measure the length between the bracket and the bottom of the window or the window sill, if you have one.

Buy a Roller Blind Kit

A roller blind kit that is the same size as or wider than your window will be ideal ā€“ a kit that is larger than your window can simply be cut down to size. The material that you buy should be longer than the measurement between the bracket and the window sill so that it can be hemmed.

Tips for Measuring

  • Make sure that you measure the window twice to make sure that your measurements are correct.
  • Roman and London blinds ideally need to be made to the exact size needed if they are going to be put into a recess as you can’t really alter them once they are in. Austrian blinds, on the other hand, can be gathered at the top once they have been fitted so that you can adjust the width.

Source: 4Homes