Jobs For Your Home And Garden, During The Autumn Season

Fall Bulbs

To make sure that you’re prepared for the long, dark winter ahead, it’s crucial that you use your early autumn time wisely. With Christmas slowly looming on the horizon, if you get all of your preparation done now, you will be ready to fully enjoy the festive season. Let’s take a look at your guide for getting your home ready for colder weather, during autumn.


Check The External Building

Have a walk around your property, paying particular notice to whether there are any broken or loose tiles on your roof, or if your gutters are clogged up with autumn leaves. You really want your pipes free of leaf mulch, before the hard winter hits, so when you think the trees aren’t going to litter anymore, hire a professional to clean your gutters, or do it yourself.

Winterproof Your Home

To avoid extortionate heating bills, you’ll want to pad out your home, so the warmth doesn’t escape. Checking that the doors are draught-proof is a good place to start. You may need to fit, or make, draught excluders, in order to stop that freezing winter air from creeping under the door. If you have the time and patience, bleed the radiators, and – if you can afford it – get your boiler serviced.

Learn Some New Slow Cooking Recipes

Winter and autumn is the time for wholesome home cooking, so start studying your one-pot and slow cooker recipes. The cold weather is a great excuse to improve your baking skills, so you can have delicious, hearty meals to warm your home, and your cockles.


Plant Bulbs For Spring

A gardener’s job is never done. At the moment, you should be looking and planning for the new year. When spring comes around, you could have a garden full of daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells, and any other early flower that you like best. However, to ensure that you have a lovely burst of colour in 2016, you need to place the bulbs in the ground now. You could also sow some winter-hardy lettuce or spinach, to keep your pantry full in the colder months.

Rake The Lawn

To stop your lawn from browning, you will need to rake the leaves in the garden. This is just so the grass is exposed to the sun once more, but it is a good idea to leave some of the debris to mulch down, into the soil, as it will keep your lawn healthier – try not to take all of the nutrients away.

Harvest Your Gourds And Pumpkins

If you had the forethought to plant gourds and pumpkins in your garden in late spring and early summer, it’s now time to harvest them! This is perfect for feel-good food, such as stews and soups, which will give you the nutritional kick that you need, in the middle of the cold months. Air out your slow cooker and get through your ripe harvest. If you have too many, you can always carve them up for Halloween, or give them to friends, as a gift.