2016’s Hottest Home Trends

Loft apartment interior design with panoramic window interior

Now that spring is just around your corner it’s time to start thinking about giving your place a makeover and making sure it looks the part for the rest of the year and beyond. It can be hard to keep up with home trends so we’ve put together a list of the things that are hot in the world of homeware in 2016.

Clashing Prints

Why follow the crowd with plain, matching prints in your living room and bedroom when you can make a statement with bold prints? Botanical and jungle prints are big news for the year ahead and the key to achieving effortless style is to go for bold and brash colour clashes. If plant prints don’t match your home’s aesthetic you can always go for a more muted yet equally stylish psychedelic print. You can really make a statement by choosing bold printed wallpaper or keep things a little more subtle by choosing loud prints for fabrics such as cushions and throws.

Heated Hallway Floors

Nothing beats a heated floor in the bathroom to make those warm soaks especially cosy in the winter, but heated hallway floors are also a big deal and are set to become a huge trend in 2016. And what could be better than coming home to instant toasty feet on a cold winter’s night? With the UK’s track record for summer temperatures, you’ll probably get use from it all year round.

Black Stainless Steel

We’re so over pastels – this year it’s all about black stainless steel appliances to complement chic white storage units. Guaranteed to make your kitchen look like it’s stepped straight out of a glossy home magazine.

Statement Mirrors

It’s easy to overlook something as basic as mirrors, but there’s so much more you can do than put up a dull rectangular one. In spaces such as your bathroom where it’s difficult to inject something a little different without ripping out your entire suite, a bold mirror on the wall can really make an impact. Functional and attractive!


Long the focal point of living rooms, the fireplace trend is going nowhere fast and is especially big news in 2016. So instead of using yours to balance your TV or as storage for those things that you can never quite find a home for, let yours take pride of place in your living room. It doesn’t even need to be a functioning fireplace to take centre stage. Try arranging a candle display in yours or even converting it into a trendy bookshelf.

70s Throwback

Trends come and go, but one that looks set to be making a big comeback this year is the 70s trend. We’ve already seen it in fashion with flares and bell-sleeves hitting the catwalk, and it’s definitely not stopping there. Of course the 70s have a bit of a reputation for being a little gaudy, but by injecting subtle hints your place will look stylish and not dated. Geometric prints are a great way to do this and can be added with anything from simple items such as cushions and bedding to light fixtures and even floor tiles.