Super Speedy Cleaning Tips

Is the thought of keeping your home clean and tidy more than a little bit overwhelming? Well, starting from just 30 seconds here and there, you can keep your home super duper tidy without breaking a sweat. Good, eh? If that still sounds like too much work, or if you’d rather have someone help you out, you can always hire a cleaner instead!


If You Have 30 Seconds

  • Cleaning the bathroom: grab a cleaning wipe and give the sink and taps a good ol’ scrub
  • Cleaning the bedroom: chuck dirty clothes in the washing basket, tidy up the top of your chest of drawers, dresser or dressing table or do a spot of dusting
  • Cleaning the living room: if anything is in the wrong place or where it doesn’t belong, take them back to where they live: i.e. kicked off shoes in the cupboard, piles of magazines into the rack or stacked neatly on the coffee table or pop any dirty dishes into the kitchen
  • Cleaning the kitchen: wash dishes in hot soapy water as soon as you use them or pop them in the dishwasher so they’re out of the way

If You Have 5 Minutes

  • Cleaning the bathroom: wipe down the shower by switching on the water and using a bathroom spray and if you still have time, give the loo a quick clean
  • Cleaning the bedroom: make the bed and plump the pillows and cushions
  • Cleaning the living room: pass a duster over tables and lamps, then vacuum the carpet or rug
  • Cleaning the kitchen: spray down the work surfaces, give them a wipe over with a sponge, then wipe down the hob

If You Have 15 Minutes

  • Cleaning the hallway: neatly hang up coats and jackets, move anything that’s sitting about on the stairs and line up shoes and boots. If you have an umbrella/coat stand, make use of it! Organise the post (if any) and give the doormat a good vacuum or shake it out (outside, otherwise you’ll make more work for yourself)
  • Cleaning tiled floors/wooden floors: get the mop bucket out and give the floors a really good clean
  • Cleaning the bedroom: strip the bed and pop the bedding in the washing machine, then make the bed with fresh linens and finish off with some decorative cushions
  • Cleaning the bathroom: bleach the loo, give the sink a proper scrub and wipe down the tank/skirting boards. If you have time, clean the floors by either mopping or vacuuming

Source: The Nest

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