Some of the Simplest Organising Tips You’ll Ever See

Organisation is a skill, but if you have the right advice – and a bit of know-how – you can get all of those tricky, hard to reach places clean, tidy and organised in a jiffy without having to to spend a fortune. Here’s how to get started.


  • Sort out the man drawer! Or the junk drawer, whatever you call it in your house. Pop in a desk tidy, then arrange everything however you need it. Batteries, candles, tablets – whatever you keep, arrange it so that you can actually get at it, otherwise, it’s a little bit useless!
  • Use long hangers that can hang multiple tops and t-shirts from one hanger to save space in your closet. You can also buy jewellery hangers and shoe hangers that are brilliant space savers.
  • Tie long lengths of ribbon or fabric around towel bundles or linens so that you never have to search through your cupboard for matching pillowcases again. It looks super pretty, too, and is lovely especially if you display your towel bundles in your bathroom.
  • Pop shoe boxes (and lids) inside drawers to divide em. Cheaper than buying one from a shop, right?
  • When you get instruction manuals, put them all into a ring binder – that way, if something goes wrong or if you need to remember how to use the grill on your new microwave, you have everything to hand.
  • Use one type and brand of hanger for your closets. Your clothes will hang more nicely and you’ll avoid a tangle and jumble of messed up hangers when you pull clothes out. The best type, generally, for all clothes, are medium size velvet hangers as they won’t snag or pull at any material.
  • For that awkward corner at the top of your wardrobe, hang a fruit bowl – it’s actually a really nifty place to store socks. If you’re wasting space at the bottom of the wardrobe, stack boxes to store your shoes in – and pop a photo of the shoes on the front of the box so that you can see which shoes you’re looking for at a glance.
  • Arrange children’s outfits easily on a Sunday by folding onesies, socks, trousers, tops, dresses and pants, then arranging each outfit on the shelf of a collapsible shoe rack. That way, you’re all done for the week and it’ll help shave time off of your routine – great for when your kiddies are in school. Not so good when they start deciding they want to wear fairy wings, but then again, that’s a blog post for another day…
  • Use wall hooks. Delicate wall hooks are great for jewellery, while thicker, sturdier wall hooks will work for everything, really. They also look great grouped together, even if you’re not putting anything on them.
  • Have a party box or party shelf in a closet that has paper plates, napkins, glasses etc, so that you can just reach for what you need and be ready to go when its time for parties!
  • Consider painting a ladder, propping it up against a wall and using it to hang clothes or magazines – super pretty and quirky.

Source: Real Simple.

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