Simple Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Organised and Free of Clutter

Chaotic clutter around home

Sometimes, keeping the home nice and organised can be a trickier task than you’d imagine. It is easier said than done! And if you happen to have kids or pets (or both!) running under your feet at all hours of the day, it can become almost impossible. Without realising it you can look up one day and find that your home is a cluttered and disorganised mess!

So with that in mind, we thought we would step up to the plate and offer our help to the masses. Here are some of our finest quick tips to help you get your home looking shipshape again.

Keep Your Cords in Control

One of the main things that can easily clutter up a living room is a tangled mass of cords, leads and plugs. And unfortunately, it seems like every other thing in the living room needs to be plugged in. It’s quite the quandary.

Luckily, there are a couple of solutions available. Our favourite is the humble cord caddy – you can stick one of these to the wall behind the television or to the TV stand and use it to neatly clamp down that mess of cords into a more manageable grouping. Next, grab a cable tie to ensure that they all stay together without getting tangled.

Coffee Table Collectors

If you have a coffee table already, but you have one without any storage capacity, then it’s time to get rid of it and go for an upgrade. Consider investing a little money into a coffee table with either magazine racks on each end or a storage shelf underneath it – this will be invaluable in helping clean up that clutter.

If you can’t rustle up the spare change for a new coffee table, why not grab a couple of cheap storage baskets and pop them underneath? Simple!

Bathroom Buddies

What is the main thing causing clutter in the bathroom? We are willing to bet that it’s endless pots, cans and tubs of beauty products and hair stuff. There are a couple of super simple ways you can control all of these bits and bobs.

The first is to make good use of your medicine cabinet, should you be lucky enough to have one. Don’t simply use it for medicines – how many of those can you possibly have? Surely not enough to fill an entire cupboard. Instead, organise all your various grooming supplies inside it.

Something else you can do is to buy a plastic tub or two for the bathroom. You can pop these under the sink and use them to store all of your hair products and so on and so forth. Also, as you do so, why not have a think about which ones you actually use on a regular basis? If there are any you feel you could easily do without, consider getting rid of them to free up some more space.

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