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More and more people than ever before are turning to professional camera equipment, both for work and for play. No longer will an 8MP camera on a smartphone cut it – today’s savvy customer wants the full throttle DSLR experience, with all of the available options for exposure and arperture that they can lay their hands on, for truly customisable shots. Hiring a cam is a fab way to get to grips with the latest tech before you make the commitment to buy one outright and it’ll also allow you to take brilliant photographs of your holiday, your wedding day or that special occasion without having to fork out for a pricey cam or an even pricier photographer. That’s where Lens Locker comes in – they’re a camera hire company that hire out compact cameras, professional DSLR equipment, lenses and much much more to professionals, amateurs and those who just want to take some decent photos for a change.



Lens Locker is unlike many other camera and lense hire websites in that they are happy to hire to professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you’re new to photography or are an old hand, they were set up primarily to give everyone the freedom and the opportunity to try out new lenses, cameras and equipment before taking the plunge and buying them, or simply to have a play around with new technologies.

Making a Hire

Making a hire with Lens Locker is about as simple as it can get really. You can search cameras, lenses and accessories by having a play around on the top tabs, or you can search the entire store by typing what you want into the search bar at the top right hand corner of the page. Details are given about each product and if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to drop them an email or give them a call so that they can give you extra guidance. Once you’re decided on what you want to hire, add it to your basket, select the chosen hire dates, and they’ll get back to you with a price and availability details. The good thing about them is that they deliver throughout the country, or if you’re based near London, you’re also free to go and pick up your hire from their base in Twickenham, which is rather handy.

Lens Locker Loyalty Scheme

Lens Locker also offer a loyalty scheme for regular customers. From your first hire, they’ll enter you into the scheme, and the more you hire, the more you get back. With just 5 hires you’ll get a £20 gift voucher. Hire 10 times and you’ll get a £50 gift voucher as well as access to Lens Locker VIP which gives you discounts that you can use every time you hire – saving you a stack of cash.

One of the best camera hire companies around, we reckon.

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