Quick Tricks to Save You Money around the Home

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We could all use saving a little bit of cash here and there. And where better to do so than around the home? If you are looking to cut back on your expenses a tad, then you have been fortunate enough to stumble upon exactly the right article for your needs.

We’ve collated some of the best money-saving DIY tricks for your pleasure (and your wallet’s!). So what are you waiting for? It’s time to use a bit of elbow grease!

Install a Shower Timer

A shower timer is a little gadget that runs on batteries and will limit the time you and the rest of the family will spend in the shower. You’ll have to pay a little upfront (anywhere up to £100), but you can expect to save up to double that per year, depending on how strict you are.

You can usually set the timers to 5 or 10 minutes (or increments in between), allowing you to have as much time as you need, but no more. It’s good for your purse and it’s good for the environment. Bonus: less time wasted in the wet.

Get a Boiler Tune-up

Although this is not really something you can do yourself, it will save you a bit of cash and it is something that is done around the home, so we’re going to count it anyway.

All you need to do is to call your gas company and schedule a boiler tune-up each year. It will, of course, cost you a little money, but the annual savings will outweigh that cost somewhat, with the added bonus of putting a few extra years on your boiler’s lifespan.

Opt for a SmartStrip

What is a SmartStrip? It’s a great alternative to a standard extension lead, able to hold seven or eight different plugs, all while saving you a tidy sum. And how exactly does it do that, we hear you ask.

Well, it’s simple – it can tell when you’ve turned off whichever electronics are plugged into it, and automatically kills the power running to it, saving you money off your electricity bills. And if you have something you’d rather keep in standby, like a digital set top box, two of the outlets available can be set to “always on”. Lovely.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A bit of an odd sounding tip, we are willing to admit, but hear us out for a minute, as it could save up to £75 a year from your heating bills. We bet you’re more open to the idea now, no?

A ceiling fan will help you to reduce your energy bills in winter, simply by recirculating the warmer air (which rises to the ceiling) to the rest of the room. Keep your ceiling fan spinning at a slow speed and you can turn the thermostat down a couple degrees. Toasty!

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