Quick Tips to Make Doing the Washing Super Simple

mother a housewife with a baby  fold clothes into the washing machine

When it comes to doing the laundry, the average household – which, by the way, has 2.3 people in the UK – will use the washing machine around 270 times a year. 270 times, every single year! Now, this is what’s known as “normal domestic use”, but if you boil it down to the raw figures, you’ll see that it means your average person will put a wash on roughly 115 times per annum.

Pop that figure into your common “2 parents, 2 children” family, and you get a whopping 460 washes each year! When you’re having to do the laundry that often – not that far off one and a half times a day – then you know that it can really start to feel like a chore.

What you need is something to make doing the washing a little bit easier. And luckily for you, that’s exactly what we have right here: some quick tips to do just that. Let’s make life easier, shall we?

Use Water Dispensers for Your Detergent

Although this might sound a little silly, this tip can actually end up being a serious saver of your precious time. If you have a spare water dispenser – the type with the tap you can turn on and off – this will make the perfect storage solution for your clothes detergent.

Using one of these – or two if you want another for your fabric softener – will allow you to dispense just the right amount of stuff with the greatest of ease, saving you a little bit of time with each wash.

Divide Your Washing into Three Baskets

Isn’t sorting your washing into darks and lights a pain in the neck? Well, why not skip that step entirely? Clearly, we are not talking about chucking them all in the wash together each time.

No, instead, we are talking about using three separate laundry baskets. If you have one basket for your dark clothes, another one for your lights or whites, and a third for your delicates (if you need it), you can save yourself a bunch of time each laundry day. No need to waste time sorting all your clothes!

Get a Basket on Wheels

If you’re already looking to invest in an extra laundry basket or two, why not go the whole hog and get some on wheels? If you add this extra layer of portability to your baskets, it will save you from having to carry a massive armload of washing across the house to the washing machine.

And the extra bonus of this is simple: there’s no chance you’ll walk back up the stairs later on in the day and find an errant sock or two lying around on the floor where you’ve dropped them. Simple solutions are always the best ones!

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