Quick and Easy Craft Projects to Brighten up Your Home

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Crafting is a lot of fun. The problem is, craft projects can easily eat into your free time. And when you work full-time and/or look after a family, your time for yourself becomes incredibly precious, and you’ll often not want to “waste” it on creating something. Especially if you can use your time to read a book, explore a new part of the country, or simply to catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

So what are you to do? Well, it’s simple – get started on some projects that won’t eat up all your weekend! Read this article and use our tips and you’ll soon be able to complete some fantastic crafty projects and enjoy some free time. Who says you can’t have you cake and eat it?

Create a Funky Noticeboard

Is your boring old noticeboard getting you down? Maybe it’s making one corner of the kitchen look particularly drab, and is in some desperate need of livening up. Well, here’s one way of adding a bit of pizzazz to it.

Simply take the noticeboard off the wall and remove everything from it. Then grab some masking tape and use it to make interesting patterns on the board. We suggest a repeating chevron pattern, but you can go wild with checks or zigzags, or classic and simple stripes.

Next, get hold of a pot of paint in a lively colour and go to town with a brush. Paint over the masking tape until all the spaces are covered, then carefully peel off the tape. Leave it to dry overnight and… voila! One funky, fresh new noticeboard. Easy.

Make a Mini Photo Gallery

This one is just as easy as the last, and is a great way of making a personal and sentimental little piece to jazz up the home. It also makes a fab gift for friends and family!

Start off with some grey or sepia-toned card, and cut it to frame size – we like 33cm x 24cm. Next, grab some glossy white card and cut them into smaller shapes, 10cm x 8cm in dimension. Then, using a scalpel, cut out a square in each of them. Trim four photos so they will be displayed perfectly through the square hole, and glue the mini frames on.

Then all you need to do is attach two lengths of string the big piece of card and – with mini pegs – simply peg the photos to the string. Just pop a frame over it and you’re all done! One lovely mini photo gallery in minutes.

Produce Lovely Personalised Cushions

How about making matching his and hers throw cushions for the bedroom? It’s really easy, and can quickly brighten up the room. Take two matching cushions – perhaps in colours that will really pop against the bedding – and grab some iron-on letters.

All you need to do now is follow the instructions included in the iron-on letters’ packaging. Basically, this amounts to centring the letters on the cushions, then carefully ironing them into place. This’ll only take a few minutes and give you months of bedroom colour.

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