Interior Design Tips For Your Home

Wohnzimmer und Esszimmer mit einem gedeckten Frhstckstisch

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, a few, small modifications can make a huge impact. In order to get your home looking beautifully welcoming and cosy (especially ready for winter), here are some interior design tips that will make a world of difference.

Small Rooms, Light Colours

When you’re looking at which rooms to paint, and with which colour scheme, be sure to keep any small rooms in soft, light shades. Painting them in dark colours will immediately make your rooms appear smaller than they already are. Introduce a light, spacious feeling by lifting the colour scheme.


Another great method of introducing space and light is by hanging mirrors around the house. The mirrors reflect the light from within your house around your room, and the image within the mirror creates the illusion of extra space. Give it a try.

Mixture Of Textures

Tell a story throughout your home. Combine a mixture of textures, objects, antiques, and modern decorations to create a house that has personality. Don’t worry about keeping everything within the same spectrum. A mixture of different things works well.


One of the greatest assets that your home can have is fantastic storage. Storage is what is going to nicely declutter your home, making it feel more open and clean. Introducing plenty of storage solutions will make your life much easier. Find prime, out of the way spots to organise your stuff.


Wherever you can, fill your home with plants. This will really bring life to tired rooms and instantly give your home a bit of a natural facelift. They will also clear the air, pumping out oxygen and removing pollutants.

Kitchen Pots

Install a rack from your kitchen ceiling, so you can hang up pots and pans with ease. This will make extra space in your cupboards for other things. It also looks fairly elegant, as well as being practical. It’s surprisingly easy to DIY this, and it makes for a great feature in your home.

Painted Bookcases

If your room needs a special pop of colour, in order to brighten it up, painting your bookcase is a quick win. A coat of paint anywhere unexpected almost always has a novel and charming effect in your home. Bookcases are also great because you don’t have a massive surface area to cover.

Plush Rugs

Rugs are an ideal way to add new textures and warmth to a room. They work best on hard surface, such as laminate wood, to soften the unforgiving floor, but they can work pretty much anywhere. Especially in the cooler months, you’ll want something warmer to put your feet on. You can choose a pattern, colour, and texture that will suit your home, but there’s nothing quite like a plush pile rug to sink your toes into.

What are your favourite ways to spruce up a home? Let us know in the comments what you do to make your house more visually impressive.

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