Interior Design Mistakes That Even the Pros Sometimes Make

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When you are giving your home a new lick of paint and lease of life, there are countless options for what you can do to make things look shiny and new again. No matter whether you have chosen to simply paint the walls or change the furniture in your living room, or you’re going a little more thorough and doing a whole-house upheaval, there are certain things you should stay away from.

Sometimes, even the professional interior designers fall into the following traps, so what hope do the rest of us have? Well, this is our hope right here. Here are some of those all too commonly made mistakes, listed nicely so that you know exactly how to avoid them.

Hanging Pictures at the Wrong Height

Even if you have the perfect picture in the perfect size in the perfect frame, you can still make a mistake when it comes to making your home look good. Your pictures will be completely wasted unless you hang them at the proper height.

And here is that height – you want the centre of the picture to be just below five feet from the floor. This will put the centre at roughly eye level, and will make your whole room come together.

Sticking Too Closely to the Top Trends

Naturally, you should keep an eye on the latest interior design trends. But it can be all too tempting to try and incorporate all of these trends in your home at the same time. And you certainly shouldn’t feel pressured to keep up with them all the time. Fashions change in the blink of an eye.

Just like with any other trend, certain things will fit certain people better than others. If neon colours are the next big thing but they’re not really your thing, consider just incorporating an accent wall or a centrepiece into your overall design.

Not Using Enough Light

Your room may be astonishingly beautiful, but it will all be for nought if your lighting isn’t right. So let there be light!

You shouldn’t use a single, strong source of light to brighten an entire room. You want to go soft, with a number of different sources at different heights. Think of combining the flattering lights of a chandelier with a floor lamp or a desk lamp for the optimum effect.

Pushing Furniture up against the Walls

Although it might not seem like such a big deal, you really shouldn’t push your furniture all the way into the walls of the room. If your sofas and chairs are flush with the walls, it creates an oddly awkward amount of empty space in the centre of the room, giving the place a strangely unwelcoming atmosphere.

Arrange your furniture inside the room instead. This will really warm up the vibe a bit and just make things seem that little bit cosier.

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