How to Prepare Your Home for the Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas; Holidays background with Xmas tree decoration on red background

As enjoyable as Christmas is, the run-up to the festive season can really be a drag. It’s a bit of a hassle, having to tick off all the many (many) things that need to be done before the big day rolls around. And then Christmas Day is a stress, finding a place to put all that scrunched up wrapping paper all while having to rush around the kitchen prepping the dinner.

So let us help you with that. Unfortunately, we can’t come around and do all your wrapping for you, but we can give you some tips so that preparing for Christmas is a little bit less stressful than it usually is.

Step 1 – Clean

Okay, so this isn’t much fun, but it has to be done if you want your decos to truly shine and dazzle. Vacuum, dust and polish for as long as you can before you get sick of the chores.

Any potted plants that are outdoors, bring them in so they don’t die in the cold. Cover any patio furniture. Get the kids to help out, too – Santa isn’t going to be visiting any messy bedrooms, after all!

Step 2 – House Decorations

Now is the time to set up the general room decorations, now that everywhere is tidy and neat. Decide on what you’re doing before you make a proper start of things – are you stringing lights up around the perimeter of the room, or are you focusing on one side of the area?

Are you putting anything on the roof or in the garden? Make sure to plan out what you want and how you’re going to go about making it happen. Only after the rooms are done should you make a start on the main event.

Step 3 – The Tree

Whether you choose artificial or natural is entirely up to taste, but remember that real trees can be a hassle to clean up after! Put your tree in its desired location in the room and get to decorating it.

Lights should come first, as they can be difficult and fiddly to put on after the other decorations have gone on. Next comes the tinsel or garland, with baubles and other ornaments going on after. Save the best for last – make a bit of a ceremony out of putting the angel or star on the top of the tree.

Step 4 – Everything Else!

Now that your home is ready for the gauntlet, you can safely go about the rest of your Christmassy business. Make your lists and check them twice, buying all the various gifts to put smiles on faces, then obviously you have the chore of wrapping them… we don’t envy you there.

Maybe make some Christmas cookies, or even get the kids together to build a gingerbread house as a family. Then it’s time to prep the turkey, or the goose, or the nut roast; whatever it is that you’re eating for your dinner!

Here’s to a very Merry Christmas!

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