How to Makeover Your Bathroom

If you’re fed up with your bathroom and want to jazz it up, but don’t have the time, budget or even the patience to renovate it (it’s a bit too miserable outside to be thinking about chucking broken tiles into a skip), you can fake your way to a full bathroom makeover by following these style tips. If you do want to go the whole hog and get a new bathroom suite, you can hire a plumber by clicking here. Do it yourself with these painting and wall covering supplies.


  • Jazz up the floor. If your carpet or lino is looking a bit worn, you have two options: one, either cover it with some new lino (cheap and you can do it yourself in most cases – all you need is a bit of adhesive), or you can cover it up with a rug. In bathrooms with showers and baths, use a natural fibre or sisal rug so that the water can evaporate instead of soaking into the fabric and getting musty. In toilet-only cloakrooms and en-suites, you can get away with using brightly coloured fabrics.
  • If your shower curtain is more drab than fab, replace it. You can buy new curtains for as little as £5 and they can really make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom. If you’re into vintage style, look for a French-style shower curtain and colours like duck egg blue or sage green. Match with your towels and add a few ironwork accessories and viola! If you just like colour and lots of it, pick a curtain in your favourite colour.
  • One thing to remember when using lots of colour in a bathroom – be it on the walls, towels or shower curtain – is to choose a colour that is flattering to your skin tone. That might sound silly, but the last thing you want to do is look in the mirror and think “ugh” when you get up in the morning because the light in your bathroom makes your skin look sallow. You should feel properly pampered in your bathroom, not like you want to cover up the mirrors.
  • If you have a little bit of time but a small budget, a simple and super duper effective way to make your bathroom walls a little less bland is to add a wall decal. They couldn’t really be simpler to apply – peel off the backing, roll onto the wall, then peel off the top layer and smooth out on any pockets. The excellent thing about decals is that they can be removed and reused quite easily, so long as you’re careful when you apply them.

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