How to Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Decoratating christmas gift

Christmas is here – the sleigh bells are ringing, the halls are decked with holly, the gifts are under the tree and the figgy pudding is in the oven. It’s the season of goodwill and all that, and a time for all the family to come together and spend some quality time with each other.

You’re getting everyone together, so it’s only natural to want to put a lot of effort into your presentation and your cooking. One way of ensuring that everything looks fantastic (and one of a kind) is by making your own Christmas decorations.

Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as it might sound! Here are our favourites – get involved and create something wonderful this Christmas.

Paper Tree Decorations

There are plenty of beautiful tree decorations that you can make with just a few simple supplies. Grab some A4 paper, a scalpel and a cutting mat, a pair of scissors, some wool and a stick of glue and you’ll be good to go. Here are some of our favourite paper decorations.

The Snowflake

Cut out 12 5mm strips across the width of the page. Grab two, stick them together to make a cross, then glue further strips to each end, resulting in three verticals and three horizontals.

Take a horizontal and its closest vertical and glue the points together. Do this with all of them, and then repeat these steps until you have two “halves”.

Glue them together, front to front, at a 45-degree angle, matching the straights with the loops. Feed each strip through its corresponding loop and stick it to its point. Thread the finished article onto some wool and hey presto – one beautiful decoration.

The Heart

This one is even easier than the snowflake. If you want two large heart decorations, you only need the one piece of A4. Fold the half (A5 size) in half itself, then draw half a heart from the fold with a pencil. Next, cut along the line.

Repeat this process with a smaller heart within the larger one, cutting out a smaller, heart-shaped hole in the centre. Unfold the piece, smooth out the crease, then get a hole punch and make a small hole towards the top of the heart. All that’s left to do is thread in a string of wool! Simple, but lovely.

Doily Decorations

You can create delicate and angelic decorations with just a doily, some beads and a few strips of white ribbon. Cut the doily in two, then roll it onto a cone, taping it together at the back for some structure.

Create a head by threading small, metallic beads onto a short stretch of wire and shaping it into a ring. Insert the ends into the peak of the cone, taping them together inside. Then you can start on the wings!

All you need to do here is create two loops with your ribbon (we like the white, semi-sheer variety) and tape this to the back of the doily. One lovely angel, made in minutes.

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