How to Increase the Value of Your Home: Part 2

In part two of our series about home renovations you should be doing – whether you’re trying to increase the value of your home because you’re moving, or because you want some extra equity in the house for a future move, we mention the few major renovations you can make without forking out a ton of money that’ll not only improve the value of your home but that could even boost your bank balance in the short term, too.


  • Go green: The government’s Green Deal scheme means that if your home isn’t particularly well insulated, or if you pay over the odds for your electricity for any reason other than “because you’re greedy” and keep your appliances switched on all day every day – for example, if your roof is leaky or your home isn’t draught proofed or you could do with wall insulation. The scheme enables you to take advantage of finance through your energy bills to pay for the cost of the refurbishments and calculates what you could save – for example, £2000, and then allocates £2000 of finance to pay for the refurb which you pay back through your energy bills. The finance is attached to the house, too, rather than the person. These renovations could take your home from an energy rating of a C to an A, for example, which could potentially increase the value by up to £15,000 – and so most people would be happy to pay for the finance for the Green Deal if it means that the house is worth more money!
  • Plus, you’d be amazed at how much difference a little bit of insulation can make to how warm your house feels – plus, it doesn’t cost a lot of money either, even if you don’t go through the Green Deal. Pop into your local builder’s merchants and pick some up – pop it into your attic, your cellars if you have one, and seal up any gaps you can find around doors and windows with sand and cement. Any permanent methods – that aren’t just draught excluders behind the doors – will work a treat.
  • Techy homes stand out from the rest because they’re literally sticking their neck out above the rest. In the next ten to twenty years, new homes will be built with tech right from the ground up – and if you add it into your house right now, you could potentially add a lot – a lot – of value. Do it right, though. Make sure that the tech can be upgraded down the road and that it can be reached relatively easily, either through one “control room” or “control pad” somewhere in the house, and that the wiring can be changed if necessary.

Source: Real Simple

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