How to Get Your Home Ready for 2017’s Big Colours

2017 House. Image with clipping path

Okay, so it seems as though autumn is well and truly here now – the nights are drawing in, eating away at those precious hours of daylight, and the days themselves are certainly getting rather chillier than they were even a couple of weeks ago.

But now is not the time to be looking back on the (admittedly very short) summer with sadness in our hearts. No, now is the time to look to the future. Not to Christmas – although that is certainly sooner around the corner than we’d like to admit – but to the new year, to 2017.

We always like to be prepared. And we just so happen to know the colours that will be big in 2017. We want you to be as prepared as we are, so let’s take a look, shall we?

The Colours

Many of the main colours that will be majorly popular next year are listed on the Behr website. Each year, they release 20 colours in a limited edition palette, each of which they believe is going to hit the big time. So if you want to find most of them in one place, that’s the site to visit.

If you look past the fluffy names, you will see that the majority of the colours are greys, silvers and light blues, with a sprinkling of traditionally “autumn” shades. As well as a pastel pink and a deep magenta, of course.

Once you have your colours and your room picked out, it’s time to pick out some complements.

Actually, it’s worth mentioning that in its own quick point – only do one room at a time. For starters, you don’t want to end up with too much work on your hands. Also, one at a time allows you to put all of your focus in one place, stopping you from accidentally having clashing colours throughout the home!

The Complements

If you really want to pull off your new colour scheme in style, then you simply have to get some décor items that will complement your fine palette. Take your palette with you when you’re on the hunt for new furnishings and decorations; this will let you pick the things that really go well with it.

And obviously, you shouldn’t be worrying about finding an exact match. We’re not expecting you to find a fridge in the shade of “Everything Is Rosy” or a light fitting in “Polished Aqua”. Shades that are a little lighter or darker, a little softer or brighter, or shades that simply pair well with your choices will be perfect.

The Work

Make sure the room is clean and clear and ready to be decorated, then it’s time to get to work. Paint your room in the colours of your choice then start bringing in your furniture and your matching bits and bobs.

Once your room is all decorated and refurnished, it’s time to put your feet up with a tea, a coffee, a wine or a beer, and spend a little time just enjoying your new surroundings. You’ve earned it!

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