How to Create a Clutter-Free Bathroom

Even the teeniest, tiniest of bathrooms can look super-duper glam, provided that you tidy away the clutter after your shower. There’s no easier way to make a bathroom appear cramped and untidy than to leave towels strewn about and empty shampoo bottles in the bath – so follow these tips to learn how to create a clutter-free bathroom. If you need help, hire a handyman or plumber to do the job for you.


  • Use wall-hung furniture – it’s a brilliant way to make a space feel bigger, as you can see underneath cabinets and the loo, which makes it seem as though they’re floating. It also means that you’re not taking up too much space with cupboards and surrounds. It’s the same trick used to make living rooms seem bigger – choosing furniture on legs, rather than furniture that sits flat to the floor.
  • Add a luxurious feel without making the room feel cramped by using plenty of white, but in varying textures, as demonstrated in the image above – clear gloss tiles on the floor and block tiles on the walls.┬áContrast the white with glossy coloured cabinet doors or splashbacks for boutique bathroom style, and if your budget is a little smaller, use coloured towels, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to add a pop of colour.
  • Spend five minutes each day after your shower, or whilst brushing your teeth, giving the bathroom a bit of a tidy. Roll up towels or fold them, adjust the bath mat, make sure that all of your bits and bobs are put away. It won’t take long, but it’ll make a huge difference.
  • Use mirrors to maximise space. We can’t say it enough, but mirrors are really one of the simplest, easiest ways to make the bathroom feel bigger without having to do any major work. Make the bathroom brighter and lighter by choosing a mirror with LED lights underneath – it’ll mimic the effect of natural light. Choose a big, bold mirror without a frame rather than with an intricate surround.
  • Reverse the door hinges so that it opens outwards, rather than inwards, or consider putting some sliding tracks down so that the door can slide open, saving floor space.
  • Maximise the available space by using hanging door hooks and organisers to hold your towels and bathrooms. If you don’t have space for a cabinet, you can get an over-door organiser to keep your shampoo and soap in.
  • If you’re renovating, opt for drawer storage underneath the sink rather than cupboards – it’s easier to see everything from a drawer if you’re standing over the sink, rather than having to lean down and look into a cupboard.

Source: House Beautiful

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