How to: Clean Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet isn’t a particularly fun job, but it’s one of those jobs that just has to be done every now and then, to make space for all of your new clothes! But sometimes, starting the job is more difficult than actually doing it, so we’re here to tell you how to clean your closet!


  • The very best way to get organized, in our book, is to make a ruddy good mess first. In the case of cleaning your closet, one of the simplest things to do is to take all of the clothes from your closet, and then dump them out on your bed. That way, you can’t go to sleep until it’s all done, can ya?
  • Same goes for your dresser drawers and bedside tables, too. Get em out. Get everything out. Now is not the time to worry about cleanliness. Start this job early in the day, as in, 8am. Not at 10pm, as you won’t be able to sleep, and if you like a tidy house, dragging everything out of your drawers and your wardrobe late at night only to make a massive mess is just going to stress you out, so why bother? Get started early, preferably on a Saturday or on a weekend or when you have a couple of days to spare.
  • What do you want to keep?  You’ll want to make three piles, obviously – keep, chuck, and donate. Chuck or donate stuff that’s either too big, too small or that you bought on a whim and have never, ever worn.
  • Before you put everything back away, invest in a few clever organizing essentials – things like plastic boxes for your shoes, hangers that you can hang multiple tops and blouses from, boxes under the bed for off season items that might not fit into your wardrobe and mini storage boxes that can store things like jewellery or makeup. That way, you’ve got stuff to put your stuff in, as it were, so that everything is fabulously organised by the time you’re done, instead of just being shoved back into drawers onto shelves.
  • Sort your clothes by type and arrange them on shelves so you know exactly where to find the specific item of clothing that you’re after right away. That way, you can put together outfits with ease – yay! If you’re feeling really, really fancy, or if you have loads of space in your closet, you could even arrange your stuff by colour.
  • When you’re using the closet once you’ve done the big clean up, make sure that you keep it clean and tidy – it might take a few seconds longer to fold things and to leave everything neat, but it’ll make life soo much easier when it comes to actually using it!

Source: Real Simple

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