DIY Tips: Which Materials Should I Choose for Replacement Windows?

Once you’ve decided to replace your windows, there’s another decision you need to make – which windows to put in. Take a look at the tips below and check this link for window contractors to learn more.


What Do I Need to Think About?

Think about your budget, the area and the style of the home. Budget windows will let down a house with a fabulous interior, but high end custom-built wooden windows will look out of place on a £100,000 home. Once you’ve established a budget and you have an idea of which type of windows to choose, take a look at the additional information about wooden, uPVC and steel windows below to help you make your decision.

Wooden Windows

High-quality, well-built wooden windows that are looked after will last for years and years to come. Wooden windows can cost three times the price of plastic windows, but they do have many benefits. Getting a joiner to make the windows for you ensures that the design remains sympathetic to the design of the property, which is a plus point, and it can also last for an extremely long time, especially if you look after the windows by regularly painting and weather-treating the windows. However, this maintenance can be a downside for some – wooden windows will need to be painted regularly in order to remain in the best condition. Equally, a thin layer of paint will instantly make wooden windows look much better, whereas when uPVC windows start to yellow they cannot be updated with paint and will generally need to be replaced.


UPVC Windows

uPVC windows are generally inexpensive – they’re cheap and cheerful and could last for up to 35 years. These windows will also retain heat, reducing your energy bills, but they can also discolour and fade fairly quickly. Although uPVC windows are a third of the cost of wooden windows, they might only last for a third of the time of wooden windows. In the short term, however, they could be a great choice for brightening up your home.

Steel Windows

Steel windows are very strong and durable, making them a great burglar deterrent and because they are coated with a special film, they require virtually no maintenance. Price-wise, they fall somewhere between wooden and uPVC windows, and although they are more durable than uPVC windows, they only look “right” on certain properties.

Take a look at our guide to replacement windows for more information.

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