DIY Tips: Teenage Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

In the third part of our series on children’s bedroom ideas, we’re focussing on cool, contemporary schemes that are both practical and stylish – for teenage girls. Whether your daughter is a girly girl at heart or loves sports, follow our guide and you’ll be able to create the perfect haven for her. Just take a look at this link for painting materials to help you on your way.


  • Let her have a say in what goes where and which colours go on the walls – just make sure that you counteract any teen must-haves with plenty of neutral hues, as in the image above with plenty of crisp whites. As their tastes change and develop, the room can be updated fairly quickly and cheaply.
  • A teenage bedroom design should perfectly bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood, so you need to make sure that it has some character and some personality without it being too in your face, which is where the neutral hues come in. Choose one or two bold colours – in the image above, black and pink are the focus, then play around with textures and patterns to create the look.
  • Creating a focal point is really important, as it’s really what the scheme revolves around. Normally, a focal point takes the form of a patterned feature wall which is usually behind the bed, helping to increase the feeling of space and pulling the whole look together. If your daughter’s tastes are liable to change pretty quickly, then you can use things like wall stickers or spots or stripes of paint on the wall to liven things up a bit for very little money. Take colours from a piece that you love, like a fabric or a wallpaper, then use those colours to create the rest of the look. Make things more interesting with lush fabrics and textures, like embroidered cushions and willow baskets.
  • We talk about zoning a lot, but it’s especially important in teenager’s bedrooms, as they need space for things like homework, reading and hanging out with their friends. Make sure that there’s a desk as they’re much more likely to sit down and do their homework if they have a designated, formal space for it. Make sure that their desk can easily be organised and managed, so that they can easily work through their homework, and provide plenty of shelving units and various pots so that they can store all of their bits and bobs like pencils and paper clips.

Source: House to Home

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