DIY Tips: Planning Tips for a Toddler’s Bedroom

Learn how to plan and design your little one’s bedroom so that you can maximise space whilst also creating the perfect haven for your little prince or princess. Read on for our top tips and take a look at these links for wallpaper and painting supplies to help you get started.



Choosing Your Scheme


Many of us get stuck in the “shall we paint it blue, pink or white?” frame of mind when we’re decorating our little one’s bedroom. But you have to remember that the most important thing – when they’re really little, anyway – is having a comfortable space for you and baby to snuggle up in. When you’re planning and choosing your scheme, remember that it should be as neutral as possible. You don’t want to throw away any gifts that your baby might receive that don’t perfectly “fit” with the colour scheme – so keep it neutral and keep it cosy.

Try to Plan Ahead

Although that super cute little toddler bed might seem like the perfect investment, in two or three years, they’ll have completely grown out of it – making it a fairly expensive bed. Instead, look for an adjustable bed that can be altered as your little one gets bigger. The same goes for the rest of the furniture in the room too. Try to choose multi-functional pieces, such as a chest of drawers cum changing table. That way, you can invest in pieces that will last for years. Wooden or painted wood furniture is best, simply because it’s timeless and will grow with them as their personality and tastes develop.

Make Them Think That Everything is Their Idea

Toddlers, especially around the age of 3 or 4, have a tendency to change their minds as often as they change their socks. If they’re insisting upon a certain theme or style, interpret it – but interpret it loosely. If your little boy wants a space and alien theme, accommodate with some tasteful wall stickers (easily removed!) or use a stencil to paint the design on. If he changes his mind, simply remove the sticker or paint over.

You Can Never Have Enough Storage

Let’s face it, with children, toddlers and babies, you can never have enough storage. Whatever their age, there’s always stuff and a lot of it – nappies and babygrows when they’re little and clothes, toys and teddies as they grow a little bit older. Insert storage space wherever you can – underneath the bed is always a good idea. Storage shelving units are always a good idea, too – stick little labels onto drawers so that your little one knows exactly what goes where. Make a game of tidying up, too, if you like – to “encourage” them to put their stuff away! No spare space in your little one’s room? Try to find at least one space in the house, such as under the stair cupboard, to store their bits and pieces.

Source: 4Homes

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